I came back to LA to be with your brother, not you.

I came back to LA to be with your brother, not you.

I came back to LA to be with your brother, not you. It makes you jealous.
We’re in love and you have nothing, this makes you more jealous.
You once broke my heart and now yours is being broken by taboos invoked, your hatred spewed.
I will not pay lip service to the wrongs you have done me.
What goes around does come around.

28 Comments on “I came back to LA to be with your brother, not you.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    Did you really come back to be with the brother? Are you really in love? Or are you just exacting revenge on the original guy (asshole?)? I sincerely hope for your sake that it is the former…and that you have a wonderful life with the brother and can eventually forgive and let go. Good luck!!=)

  2.  by  si

    I remember when post secret used to put up life affirming messages or posts filled heart-wrenchingly naked honesty. This is just weak, self indulgent and dull. This wasn’t something you had to share.

  3.  by  str8jacketx

    1. If his brother is with you his brother is wretched.
    2. If you’re really with the brother of your former lover you’re wretched. I guess you deserve each other.

  4.  by  Jdn

    1. What type of brother does that to his brother?
    2. Clearly you are immature and only doing this make your former boyfriend upset.
    3. How do you know he’s upset? Maybe he told his brother good luck, she’s mentally unstable; if you want to be with her fine.
    4. Your ex’s and your current boyfriend’s parents hate you.

  5.  by  Strangecoincidence

    A girl has done this to me before. My brother did broke it off with her and now me and my brother are super tight. I always thought this was how she felt but for some reason I believed it was unthinkable for a girl to actually feel this way and act on it. I consoled myself with the idea that she must have been clueless beyond measure and that is why she thought it was okay. This post I just read only serves to confirm my suspicions that a completely demented and sadistic mind is possible and could very well have been how my ex was thinking. All this to say, bros before hoes. Bros before hoes and you will save yourself a lot of heartache.

  6.  by  Ana

    I don’t think any of you have any right to judge this person. You don’t know her and you don’t know the whole story. Shit happens. Maybe she did what she did out of spite, but maybe, just maybe, the heart wants what the heart wants.

  7.  by  katie

    This is supposed to be a safe place. It doesn’t matter why she did it. We shouldn’t judge. I applaud her for having the courage to admit what she did, despite the backlash she probably knew she would receive.

  8.  by  Jesbo

    She’s an evil cunt. Make no mistake about it.

  9.  by  linx

    It happens. Even had a kid with one. Sadly he died tho.

  10.  by  Bobby

    Somebody should update this website again.

  11.  by  Irina

    I would quote from classics: a sin that you admitted to have commited is half forgiven. Next step is to reflect on how to avoid this to happen again and to do something for it.

  12.  by  Cori

    My childhood best friend’s dad was married to her aunt many years ago. He had an affair with his wife’s sister, got a divorce from sister #1, and then married sister #2. They’ve been happily married for 40 years and have always been the most 1950’s-esque couple I know. Sometimes you just meet the wrong sister/brother first.

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  14.  by  Tarantulady

    This whole thing reeks of trashy. He hurt you, you’re an adult, deal with it like an adult. If Sloppy Seconds were aware you took the time and effort to do this (apparently Ex is on your mind, and so is revenge), would he approve? If he would, you two deserve each other.

  15.  by  Anonymous

    I feel like this site has been abandoned. Nothing has been uploaded for a year and a half. Come on, Frank.

  16.  by  love u

    hes the evil cunt spreading lies and rumors you all beleive. hahaha if ONLY u knew the real truth. god will be the only judge here thanx

  17.  by  HollyhockSmith

    There sure is a lot of judging going on. I don’t see how anyone can know who is evil or good based on the one sentence secret here.

  18.  by  TMN

    Seriously?! I JUST came across this site tonite, completely by accident when I typed it into my browser wrong, and I was CRAZY excited to think there was an archive and that I could look back at posts I might’ve missed.. buuuuut after seeing some -I might even dare day MOST!- of the comments on some of the posts I’ve seen so far?! I’m totally disappointed already. Enough so that I have ZERO urge to come back, and most likely won’t be. I guess what they say about there ALWAYS being some ignorant, hateful, uneducated, judgmental ASSHOLE there to ruin things for the rest of us no matter WHERE you go or how “safe” it was intended and claims to be is more than just talk. The state of people’s HUMANITY lately really truly just BREAKS my heart. And this is the world my babies have to grow up in?! Whatever “higher power” is out there, may he/she/they save us ALL.. this generation doesn’t stand a chance! ????

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