Women are SO beautiful..inside AND out.

Women are SO beautiful..inside AND out.

Women are SO beautiful..

…inside AND out.

It pains me GREATLY..

…that they can be SO horrible to each other.

5 Comments on “Women are SO beautiful..inside AND out.

  1.  by  Deborah

    Societal conditioning teaches us to compare, compare, compare & bombarded with do many impossible ideals of what women “should” & “shouldn’t” be & all the impossibilities of it all, we never measure up to that standard. So, we look to our left & to our right & compete with those women around us because we don’t feel worthy unless we “win” — usually the love, lust, admiration of men … It is ugly & vicious until we evolve enough to see we have been duped & tricked into competing against one another because the collective power of women united is truly a force to be reckoned with. Divide & conquer, stay on top … Sad. I really like this postsecret. ~ Namaste ~

  2.  by  Amanda

    True and with four daughters I have to be very careful

  3.  by  Etavargga

    Not terribly fond of this. There are women who are not beautiful inside (and maybe outside, MMV). And eff all if men can’t be terrible to each other too.

  4.  by  Tom McG

    Robin Williams once said that if women ran our cultures, there would still be war but weapons wouldn’t kill, they would just make you feel REALLY bad for a while.

  5.  by  Ana Blue

    there are women for whom high school never ends. women who are beautiful on the outside, but ugly on the inside. they’re usually the horrible, beautiful ones. of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but 30 years of playing D&D and having frizzy hair has taught me something very important: pretty women are usually mean.

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