44 thoughts on “Why do you feel the need to look to a god for inspiration,”

  1. I believe you are so correct!!! Regardless of the belief system you follow, think about a love or a lover and really feel your feelings. That is inspiration. To write, to work, to change, to move. Gaze into a child’s eyes, especially if you are lucky enough for it to be YOUR child…and marvel at the awe and wonder that courses through your soul. You encounter and live miracles everyday…you may believe they are provided by a god but they are still here with you. That is inspiration.

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  3. Because no one is as inspirational, especially the more you get to know them. The darkness of their soul comes out as they get comfortable around you.

    Would you trade your life to propagate a lie? The people who knew if this was a lie or the truth died passing the information on. All the false messiahs and their followers changed their stories when faced with torture and death to silence their message.

  4. The world and its people have gotten away from God and look what has become of us…. marriage means less and less divorce rate is like 60% , the family unit is less and less a unit and even less a church going unit. We have lost our morals and our belief in something bigger than ourselves. The whole problem with humanity is that not enough of us look to God for inspiration! And eventually we will all feel the wrath of God. His dissappointment in us and in Himself. Very soon. God Bless you everyone. Those who don’t believe may God bless you the most.

  5. We all need JESUS more than we can fathomed. No one or thing on earth can bless, fulfill and provide for like the KING of GLORY, the greatest gift GOD has bestowed man! We are so fallen, only HE can raise us up – GOD is the inspiration because HE is our creator – we were made in HIS image. We are apart of HIM. HE is the source! Hellur

  6. “God is always by my side…” Please, he’s an invisible and imaginary creature. Your closest friends and family are much more dependable as you can ACTUALLY get a response out of them.

  7. @vjighjnf #:

    1) No one can be invisible AND imaginary, except as used in literature.
    2) God is not a creature, despite what you have seen on South Park. God is an exalted man…Ever heard of “The Man Upstairs…”
    3) Some people have really crappy friends and families who are complete azzholes, who may not provide very good responses.
    4) God answers our prayers all the time, whether or not we are listening. He speaks to the entire world through prophets, whether or not we choose to pay attention.
    5) FAITH IS A BELIEF IN THINGS WHICH ARE NOT SEEN, WHICH ARE TRUE. Just because you choose to deny something, doesn’t make it untrue or unreal. “Science is merely man’s very finite understanding of all of God’s creations.”


  8. There’s absolutely no one in my life who could be considered “inspirational.” And what makes you think you have any right to decide what I do or don’t believe, anyway?

  9. June, I believe you may be over reacting. At least to me, your “…have the right” sentence sounded angry. I could easily be wrong but I think the Orig Poster was asking a question, not trying to dictate to anyone. If God exists for someone, then it seems that questions could be welcomed for it gives one a chance to put one’s beliefs out there for consideration. Who knows, you may sway someone! You may improve the world, one soul at a time.

  10. I totally agree with this. I find people are more inspirational than someone who has changed their stories over the years. Thank you for that. and for the people who say they have no inspirational people in their lives, you may not be looking in the right places. Or possibly too judgemental. My thoughts…

  11. Quantum physics has unseated materialism. We’re learning that our reality appears to be based on electrical charges or plasma. Our reality may not be so real.

  12. a simple point is the main reason people do not want to follow God is because they would have to stop being whores and follow rules.that stupid stuff about “imaginary” is just silly… oh why is he imaginary ? because you cant see him ? so what we are humans and have put ourselves up so high on a pedistal we belive that we can easily percieve everything. sad sad world

  13. I agree wholeheartedly, Zodiarkk. People’s perceptions are so utterly fallible. It is so funny to hear people say that something “defies the laws of physics,” or “defies natural laws”…WE DON’T KNOW ALL THE LAWS OF PHYSICS or all the laws of nature. Science is growing all the time. I find it hilarious to read about a “new species” that has been living at the bottom of some lake for, probably, EONS. New species occur in the cross-mating of two existing species, and in the VERY RARE evolution of existing species. There is nothing new under the sun except for man’s discoveries. Anything that science discovers has been around for a long time, but has just previously been unexplored. When we come up with a new (widely accepted) way of measuring something, people think the thing that is being measured is new. It’s not. I wish the scientific community would take a good look in the mirror and eat a few truckloads of humble pie. Humankind is not almighty.

  14. Because he promises, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Who else do you know that will not just promise, but actually do that? How could that not be inspiring?

  15. Grace, I am not trying to disparage your beliefs, but the “I will never leave you or forsake you” is only in your mind. It is a sign that you are lucky enough to have faith that the promise was made and is being honored…but I have too many questions to think that She is even there TO leave, let alone forsaking. The inspiration that may indeed come from a god is still within you whereas the “person next to you” is externally present and makes you process your thoughts in a different way.

  16. Because (allegedly) Jesus doesn’t judge, and forgives ANYone who wants him to. That’s why convicts often convert to Christianity. It’s a free pass into heaven. Jeffrey Dahmer is in heaven right now, while some of his victims are suffering eternal torment, according to the rules. (“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6)

    Whereas real human beings can comfort you, but can’t guarantee you a pleasant afterlife. The lovely afterlife is the main selling point, I think. That’s why their love for god is more important than their love for real people who return that love. A lot of religious people are very selfish in that way.

  17. God may seem imaginary to some, but I believe. Where do you think the devil came from? He was a fallen angel who decided to do things his own way, and when it comes to being powerful, he is, but NEVER more powerful than God, his creator.

  18. mzkt. You may believe, and all power to you…it is an enviable position. But one could argue that the devil is likewise imaginary. While I do believe that evil exists and may even be an entity, I have my doubts about the existence of the cast of characters presented to us by the religions. It has been my experience that the more religious a person is, the more judgmental of others they are and the more they wish to control those others.

  19. Tom….I will agree with you about the religious control SOME have or want to have when they are ultra religious, but just like anything else, you can’t judge the actions of some..just like the priests who are sick and twisted…they aren’t ALL this way. Regardless, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a God just because you have some extremes who want to shove it in your face. There are plenty of people like myself who believe, but don’t go around forcing others to, just as I’m not going to force you. Obviously, you have your thoughts and I have mine, but for me, I can’t see any other option. Just look around and you might agree all this earthly beauty came from some creator. As much as I hate when people quote (and misquote) the Bible, there is documentation dated back as far as the beginning of time.

  20. mzkt, I agree that we should agree to disagree but one of the very many things that has always bothered me is as follows. One of the posters above quotes something to the affect of “I will not forsake you….” I am NOT a bible scholar by any stretch of the imagination, but didn’t Christ say something on the cross like “Father, why have you FORSAKEN me?”
    PS Bottom line, I admire believers such as yourself. People who have strong faith and seek goodness within themselves and in others yet do not feel the need to “force” others to fit into a mold. Good for you!!! I wish I encountered many more like you!!

  21. Thanks, Tom…I think there are many believers out there that would never push their views. For me, I know who I am and don’t need any followers to feel complete….Striving to be a decent, kind, and generous person is on the top of my list..this is what people should focus on instead of arguing whether or not there is a God. To each his own because neither side is ever going to back down..lol
    Have a good life!! 🙂

  22. In the Creatures knowing, esteeming, loving rejoicing and in praising God, the glory of GOD is both exhibited and acknowledge. His fullness is received and returned

  23. Tom you seem to be a “book smart” person. Could I challenge you to read the entire Bible with an open mind? Approach it as an indepth study into something you are obviously not familiar with. I think you may be surprised what you find. Research Pastor Ervin Baxter. He has unraveled much of the mystery in Revelations, so much so that he can tie the nightly news to Bible prophecy. Its amazing! I pray that you will take on this challenge and that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes and soften your heart to the point of you realizing and believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to save us all from eternal damnation. Jesus loves you Tom! God Bless you.

  24. Thanks MZKT for a sound and insightful comment. You are so right. No one will back down. THe main thing is to be respectful of everyone’s beliefs, and be the best and kindest person that you can be.

  25. Probably more people would believe in god if he seemed more believable. I don’t know what the answer is but if I were trying to get a christian point across to “non-believers”- people who are generally educated and hold modern values- I’d steer clear of terms like king of glory, prince of heaven, eternal reckoning, damnation, blood of lambs and so on. Know your audience. The church will never win anyone over with such antiquated vernacular. You want modern believers? Stop pretending like it’s the third century, it’s not.

  26. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christians. I have met many chaplains of various churches who I have a deep respect for and I love them as people. But religion is one of humanity’s greatest faults, to follow an indoctrinate blindly is to deny everything that makes us human, this is just my opinion. I don’t believe there should be any religious influence on our laws but there is which leaves room for corruption and unfair or unjust treatment.

    P.S. Can someone edit the bible? I would never personally follow a god who valued one child’s life over another
    2 Sam 12: 1-26 (Good News Translation 1994) This passage alone made me begin to hate the “god” portrayed in this text

    P.P.S Just as an interesting fact, the predicted date of Jesus birth is wrong, there is a footnote in the timeline of events (GNT) explaining that he was actually born in 6 B.C by modern estimations

    and of course not on Christmas day, that was just using the pagan winter solstice festival

  27. Although I do also agree with mzkt, I’m sorry for being pushy I just feel very protective of children so I get a bit emotional, apologies

  28. This is not a “secret”, this is an attempt to spread propaganda. This does not belong here.

  29. I agree with the post, I think a lot of people can be very inspiring. I don’t believe in God because I don’t understand why I should believe it any more than believing, for example, that there are fairies at the bottom of my garden! Not meaning to offend anyone, but I really think that the idea of there being a God was to comfort people back in Jesus’ day – so they felt there was a purpose to their lives and that they would be safe in a dangerous world. I think that the Bible was written by some people that wanted to teach people how to live their lives so that they would be happy. That is my opinion.

  30. Also, may I add that, even if there was a God, I would not be a Christian, because there are many things in the Bible which God does, which I think are cruel, like when Abraham was told to sacrifice his son, just to ‘test his faith’. Imagine Isaac, a young boy, probably terrified, thinking that his own father, whom he trusted, would kill him, to prove his faith to God! I agree with a lot of what the Bible says, but find some parts I strongly disagree with. I don’t think humanity need a God to decide what is right.

  31. I do not look to a god, I look to the God, who has never left my side, is always dependable and always loves me regardless of my thoughts or actions. He who named the stars, my provider, healer and friend. There is not one that could ever compare, you should try him for yourself – just as he loves me – he loves you more than you could ever love yourself.

  32. Really? Sounds like a fortune cookie proverb. What are you even talking about? Oversimplify much?

  33. I’d u don’t believe ther is a all mighty God I feel sorry for u.because he says for who believes in me will have ever lasting life.ans who shall not will also have ever lasting life n hell with burning torture.but ther r so many signs that God is real.ive saw alot myself ,just for instance have u ever heard anyone speak in tongues.i no my mom very well used to drink alot didn’t go to church and she not a fake .she turn to God and started taking family to church after a yr about I would hear her speak in tongues.not everytime.but probably 4-7 times n 5 yrs .and sometimes u would have another person translate what she said.and it was words that r not used today.also many of times I’ve saw family and friends living on life support doc says can’t do no more ins won’t pay no longer we have to pull the plug.after prayers and the plug was pulled.they co.e out of it like nothing was ever wrong.now u tell me that was not god.the doc even said he didn’t believe n god but after that he thinks that ther might b a god .ther r mericals happen all the time around the world it’s just u don’t c it on the news cause our gov.dont want god brought up cause to many people get offended and Sue.hope everyone could find god bfor it’s to late

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