These months of silence have been awful…

These months of silence have been awful...

These months of silence have been awful…I just don’t know if it’s your depression or if that’s your real personality. I must admit that you broke my heart.

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  1. I am so sorry you are hurting. Whatever the deal is, know that the person you are speaking to is hurting as well. Depression or “self,” if you were close enough for them to break your heart, then they broke their own as well. That doesn’t make things easier nor dull the pain, but I feel sure that it wasn’t malicious. Perhaps you need to try to move on (great, ANOTHER difficult task).

  2. It makes me really sad that I can rarely see the postcard photos, just read the text. I have this problem on desktop AND my 4G tablet. Why is that?

  3. At ima nonymous, the same problem with me but I can see it on desktop just not on my pad, but I can see the photos when it’s a thumbnail view and you can see them all, but when I click on it it doesn’t work. I think the tablets doesn’t support that view :(. I don’t know about your Desktop though…

  4. I, too, have suffered months of silence and a broken heart. I’ve tried to write, text, call all to no avail. Silence, after daily fun and love, is so hard to bear sometimes I write even though I know I won’t get an anwser. That’s my broken heart yearning for contact. I’m so sorry we share similar pain. Peace and good vibes to you.

  5. It is a shame that we can’t always see the “postcard.” I too have the same problem but I can almost always see the thumbnail. It seems to only be the first few of a given set of secrets and it clears up once those secrets are no longer the first ones. When you CAN see the graphic, look at it!! Not only does it often give clues about the secret but sometimes the text is WRONG!!! (see the secret “I sometimes get excited….” The error in the text seems minor but it actually changes the tone of the poster and alters (a little) the meaning of the secret!

  6. If this is my ex-best friend… I still care about you, I wish we were still laughing at the coffee shop. I tried to apologize.My voice caused you to slam your car in a tree. I stopped trying after I read the damage I was doing.I am so sorry for all the pain I have caused you. You broke my heart. I only hope we find each other in the windy city someday and can stand each others gaze.I still love you, probably in a way I will love nobody else.

  7. I find I can’t see the first two postcards until the next time some are posted, so I go back a little further each week to see the first ones from last week.

    And to the secret, I know how that feels. Ridiculously accurate. I hate missing people.

  8. I wish I believed my “manic” best friend felt sad that she stopped speaking to me, but I’m too mad at her to think anything good. Yet I can’t bring myself to send her the “never contact me again” letter I wrote.

  9. My ex told me a few times I’m not sure what’s your personality and what’s bipolar t

  10. Please give this person a chance. I know how hard it must be for you. I have a friend with border line personality disorder and I totally relate to your feelings of anger and being let down but, I also went through the worst depression a couple of years back and have since been diagnosed bi polar. When I look back on my depression I did exactly this to my friends. I cut them out because I didnt believe I was good enough. I ignored texts, phone calls, cancelled any plans (often at the last minute) but it was nothing to do with them, or my personality, I was ill, and believe I was hurting myself even more than I was hurting others. Seeing it from both sides, mental illness is horrible. Please, give this person a chance.

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