11 thoughts on “Sometimes I wish I’d be raped.”

  1. Rape is often about power, not attraction, that’s why in some contexts it’s a hate crime, like when men in wartorn countries get raped by soldiers who would never consider themselves gay. I don’t know what I can say to make you feel better, but I do know that you don’t truly understand what you’re wishing for 🙁

  2. Jess said it well. Rape is NOT attraction…it has much more to do with hate…hatred because you are white, not-white, Muslim, a different tribe, clan, whatever. It even has to do with the hatred of the rapist for himself; his powerlessness and helplessness. Try to look around with new eyes. I am sure you are NOT ugly. Perhaps you seem it to yourself but you are not. Talk to someone. If you have no money, through your school or a clinic. Ask those around you…tell them how you feel. People love you and therefore can see you aren’t ugly. If you can ease up on yourself a little, which probably will take some help, you will find you want others and they, in return, will want you.

  3. There is always help available when you have no money. When I was having emotional troubles due to a dramatic change in my life, I sent out a mass email to doctors on a website I found. I explain my story and told them how I could not afford their outrageous hourly rates. I got an email back from a very nice older man who was extremely helpful to me. I saw him for weeks at the cost of $20 per week (he only ASKED me to pay if I could afford it).

    Just an FYI..

  4. After battling tons of mental disorders i became an emotional masochist and wished everyday that i would be raped of abused physically. 15 days ago i realized that four years ago i was pratically raped…. I don’t wish for it anymore. you don’t realize how much it changes the course of somebody’s life. No amount of self esteem is worth the effects of being raped

  5. Let me tell you something dear, the men who rape are not raping out of lust for sex. They are not raping because they hope to please you. They are raping to hurt and harm you. They are raping in order to steal something from you (no not your virginity etc), they want to steal and savage your soul. They are mean-hearted bastards. How do I know? I’m a very sexually excitable male…have been my whole life…I’d NEVER rape a girl no matter how much I wanted her! There are 100 better choice you can make. First, I doubt you are as ugly in appearance as you think you are. Second, even if you are not attractive enough for some, you are attractive to somebody! Third, Even if you were the worst looking person in the entire world, there are guys that look beyond appearances and consider you based on everything else you have to offer.
    Blind guys for instance see no uglyness in women. And true love sees nothing as it is to others…it’s as blind as a lump of coal.
    My point is, there IS someone for you. But work on what you can INWARDLY and whatever is possible outwardly, and try to be positive. You’ll find him eventually. Don’t be discouraged.

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