7 thoughts on “Some days I take up to 12 Oxycodone..”

  1. If you are depressed then the oxycodone may be effecting you in a bad way. My mother was on oxycodone and then one day she moved across the country on a whim. With no job or place to live she couldn’t afford the medicine anymore. Then she found out about Boron which she started to taking for her advanced Rheumatoid arthritis. She felt happier and less tired without the pills. But she also free. Free from a life of addiction. She can now take Ibuprofen when she is in pain and feel better. Being free, even with advanced arthritis, has made a world of difference for her.

    I am sharing this story with you because you were brave enough to share your story with us today. Thank you.

  2. Or you’re taking them because you’re addicted.
    The drugs all have side-effects, Oxy is a rough deal all in all. A lot of your pain is from the drug, it’s what keeps you addicted and has you coming back.
    Really though, no life is normal- living one close to it can only make things seem more wrong.

  3. I have it all too, and want to feel numb. Don’t blame yourself, it’s a chemical imbalance in your brain. What you don’t realise is that you don’t have it all unless you’re happy. You obviously have what someone else considers to be “it all” and not at all what you want. Try to realise what you do want and then chase it, and then you can stop wanting the numbness.

  4. these little pink guys caught my eye as soon as i saw them. mine are blue and say K9 on them but no matter the color they destroy me down to my core. I know they must do the same to you, but from one addict to another, never give up, never give up, ever….

  5. Bookslinger,No president of the chruch has the authority to make a a commandment or to alter a previous revelation. He can only receive revelation, and no prophet has EVER claimed to have received further revelation on the Word of Wisdom. Not Brigham Young, not Heber J. Grant, and not Thomas Monson.If and when a prophet receives revelation altering or expounding upon the Word of Wisdom, the process requires the revelation be presented to the members of the chruch so that they can pray and receive confirmation through the Holy Ghost that what the prophet has presented has indeed come from the Lord and is not the mere opinion of the prophet.This is how we are able to tell when a prophet is speaking as a prophet, and when he is merely speaking as a man. Unless the prophet is providing a revelation from God, his opinions are his own, or, as in the case of Heber J. Grant, those of the Protestant reformers with whom he was closely aligned in the temperance movement.A study of Grant’s statements and affiliations of the time make it clear that he was heavily influenced by the leading Christian reformers of his day ON THIS TOPIC than he was by the written word of scripture, as he never claimed to have received further light and knowledge on the subject directly from God.it is apparent Heber J. Grant imposed his personal interpretation upon the Word of Wisdom, since his views varied significantly from Cannon, Snow, Woodruff, and others whose interpretation of the Word of Wisdom remained consistent with those of Joseph Smith. I am still seeking a revelation -any revelation- from a modern prophet converting the Word of Wisdom into a positive commandment. To readily accept the opinion of men over the word of God seems to me an enthusiastic embrace of idolatry.

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