8 thoughts on “My parents are very religious.”

  1. it’s okay to believe that. I think that faith is a matter of perspective, and some people can see that there’s a god, and some others can’t see it at all. Personally I am an atheist, I wish I had the opposite perspective, but I would never grudge anyone else’s belief.

    And everyone feels alone sometimes, don’t let it get you down. Plenty of people out there will be happy to keep you company, you might not have met them all yet 🙂

  2. I know how you feel. I was raised in the church and had it force fed to me for some time. About 3 years ago I walked away from the church with the judgement and ridicule of my husbands family staring me in the face every day. It took a good 2 1/2 years for me to walk back in a church willingly. And walking away was the BEST decision I ever made! Coming back on your own terms and going on that journey is incredibly spiritual. More than you expect it to be. We all feel lonely at times and that’s okay. Sometimes loneliness teaches us how strong we really are! Hang in there and keep your head held! Religious or not, the God I know loves everyone and he never lets us be truly alone.

  3. That’s ok! I’m religious and sometimes dont feel God’s presence in my life. Sometimes I talk to Him but don’t feel anything in return. I sometimes feel like I’m alone. I’m going through the same struggle. I’ve found that if I talk to Him throughout my day. When I’m sad, or happy, or missing my ex or anything. and even though you might not feel it right away, I guarantee He will put something in your way to catch your attention. I also talked to my father, that might help too. Don’t feel like you’re alone in this struggle cuz you’re definitely not 🙂
    I’ll pray for you. Please pray for me too 🙂
    God bless you always <3

  4. There’s nothing more agonizing than realizing faith (whatever the religion) isn’t for you, and that you’ll have to stand on your own with no religious safety net. I’ve done it, and while not believing that everything you’ve been told about dying is terrifying, living a lie is worse.

  5. Remember: God is either everything or He is nothing. If He is everything, He can be whatever YOU need him to be, not what your parents THINK He is. Find Him on your own.

  6. I’m 35, happily married, have two beautiful kids, believe in God, but feel alone sometimes too. I’m not sure why. You are not alone. Neither am I. It’s a deception we must beat to live life to the fullest.

  7. You should tell your parents. If they are truly Christian, they should care enough about you to be able to talk with you and help you understand how to reconcile those feelings, with faith.

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