10 thoughts on “My mom told the psychologist..”

  1. I can only imagine how betrayed you must have felt by your mom. I hope you can and did see just how messed up she is! I hope you posted this because even though you worked with the psychologist and are aware of how sane YOU are; that you were just in a very bad situation SO not of your own making, that it is difficult to come to grips just HOW betrayed you felt. If I am near the mark, it is okay to feel that way, you were “abandoned” at a horrific level. I hope you are as well as can be and I think KCCO applies here! All the best to you!

  2. I was molested too. I told my parents that I want to file a police report, my parents were not supportive but I demanded to file a report. I guess my parents thought it was pointless which is kinda true because nobody was caught. Anyway, you should really stick to your own thoughts and should not be influenced by what your mom said.

  3. What you and her view as molestation may be two different things. It is true that sex play is normal among children. This can involve genital exploration and touching which is common in siblings.

  4. Jen is right. Most young kids with siblings engage in exploration with touching and looking. It’s not usually intended to be sexual but is more about addressing curiosity. This IS normal. I don’t know what you experienced but maybe your mother wasn’t meaning to dismiss your experience.

  5. I was 7 years old and my brother was 14. He pulled my pants down and rubbed his penis against my vagina. Not normal. Sick.

  6. i disagree with some of the others.. if YOU felt it was wrong.. then it was WRONG. plain and simple. They might say it was “normal” and “exploration” but if YOU felt uncomfortable, then it was down right wrong. ONLY YOU can determine what is comfortable for you, and if this wasnt, then you have every right to be pissed!!!

  7. Yeah, exploration as young is okay if, as with freaking everything, it was CONSENSUAL. One sibling just going and touching the other’s privates? Boys and girls, that is WRONG.

  8. The definitions of “common” and “normal” are not exact or synonymous. It is a shame that people believe they are in a situation as tragic as molestation. There is no fine line. It was not consensual, and it was wrong. How dare your mother, shrink, or anyone else undermine your abuse.

    I wish you all the best on your road to recovery.

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