7 thoughts on “My friends think I stopped cutting last year…”

  1. There mere fact you needed to get better at hiding the cutting…and the “HELP ME…” on the picture, suggests to me that you would like to really stop. Are any of your friends close and trustworthy enough for you to talk to? If not, can you seek outside help? Whatever it is that is causing that agony you need to release before your body explodes, most likely can be released through words instead of pain and blood. You can get through this, you can. Please talk to someone.

  2. The font you’ve used for your secret is the same I used for my tattoo. It’s on my wrist and says ‘Swim’, to remind me of the Jack’s Mannequin song that encourages me to keep going. You can keep swimming and you will get your head above <3

  3. This is absolutely a cry for help. Do you have any family/friends you can turn to? Tell them about it and be completely honest and that you want to stop. There are people out there who love you and want to help you.

  4. Hiding it isn’t the answer, it will only make it harder. I have been there, glued in the same shoes. Close your eyes and speak to anyone, a teacher, friend, family member, anyone. You have made a step and asked for help, you are not alone. You have many people around you, you just can’t see it, I am here! It’s hard but so much better getting on the other side, I promise you!

  5. I used to cut for many years when I couldn’t take the emotional pain I was in. I thought the physical pain somehow released the emotional, but eventually realised that it was actually doing the reverse. I havn’t cut in a few years, and it was hard to stop but its worth thinking about. Find a psychotherapist you can trust and talk about your life. Good luck. xoxox

  6. Man, I used to do that 30 years ago…I think I was like the original emo or something…I totally get you. Seriously, it’s not worth it. The scars on your body do heal, but the scars on your soul don’t. You can’t heal yourself by hurting your body….how I wish it were that easy…if I thought you could, I’d be encouraging it. I KNOW it doesn’t heal anything. I used to do many other self-destructive things similar to that. It’s all scarring to the soul…let it go. Find God in you, find him in others in animals, in nature whatever, and just let it go.

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