I’m afraid no one will ever love me the way you did.

I'm afraid no one will ever love me the way you did.

I’m afraid no one will ever love me the way you did.

More than that, I’m afraid you will love other girl the way you loved me.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    We live and grow as a result of our experiences. Everyone is different. He won’t love other girls like he did you; he can’t; they aren’t YOU! No one will ever love you and make you feel quite like he did. There will be parts he was the best, but there will most likely be more parts that are better than he ever could. You will probably always hurt a little for him. Feel your pain because it will let you move on to bigger and better things!

  2.  by  Chels Burnett

    He is my soulmate, but I know we can’t be together….not in this life anyway. I constantly make myself ill tninking of others loving him and him loving others. I miss him too much. Thank you for sharing. I hope your heart heals faster than mine has. If it’s not too late (like it is for me) TELL HIM!!!

  3.  by  ABois

    i thought you were my soul mate but it wasnt our time. when i talked to you the other night, i was happy for you when you told me you had a new girlfriend and that you were happy. but when we went to get off the phone and told me to not call you ever again, it broke my heart. i cried the rest of the night. i can handle you being happy with someone else, but i cant handle you not missing me.

  4.  by  i love only you

    i think the same
    but u gotta now that one time u will find someone who is better and i know that felling

  5.  by  JUSTme

    So, I’m sorry…
    I’m sorry for ever hurting you. i had it coming and now I’m suffering.

  6.  by  Spunkypunker

    I feel the EXACT same way and it scares me every day :'(

  7.  by  Kenn

    Seriously, I feel 100% the exact same way. He is happier with someone else, and I would do anything to take it all back. I want him back, and I know I can never have it and I have to live with that. Life goes on, and those memories eventually fade away. I heard a quote once and I forget who said it, but it was something along the lines of “you have to learn to able to smile about nothing”. That really helps me. Because sometimes I feel as though I have nothing. I know I do have people who love me, but without that love I felt from him I really feel nothing there, where I need it to be.

  8.  by  Stacey

    You are not alone. I think this is a common thought. After being so in love, it’s quite hard to imagine being with a new partner and falling in love again, or imagine that for your ex partner. I think the most important thing is to be open to love. It’s okay to let the memories of your ex partner remain with you, but they can’t consume you or you’ll never be able to move on and love again.

  9.  by  mariebee

    Yes. These feelings have hung over me for years. Now he has a family with her, so I suppose I have my answer. It hurts.

  10.  by  Aming1

    My wife left me 6 weeks ago after I finally came clean and told her I had been unfaithful. I destroyed all the trust in our marriage. I regret it everyday, all day long. I’m in a 12 step recovery program and see a therapist once a week to try and heal the issues, which are deep. I don’t want to be with anyone else-ever. But I betrayed my best friend and realize she can never love me again. I am so scared that I will never be loved again. I don’t feel like I deserve to ever be loved again. I’m scared that I will be alone for the rest of my life. I want my wife to be happy, it kills me to know that it isn’t me to be able to make her happy.

  11.  by  Tom McG

    @ Aming1
    Are you really SURE there is no home? Obviously, you will have to be sure that you wouldn’t cheat again if a miracle occurred and you could get her back, but, if you can make and keep the promise to yourself that you won’t stray again, perhaps make a stab at trying to reconnect. You have little or nothing to lose by trying, or so it seems to me. Good luck!

  12.  by  Stacey

    I think it’s important that you learn to completely love and trust yourself first. Surprisingly, an ex told me that. He said that he couldn’t fully trust me or love me the way he wanted to until I did the same for myself. It may be too late to get her back, but it may not be, but first-forgive yourself, trust yourself and love yourself.

  13.  by  s

    this. ugggg. i could have written this myself

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