22 thoughts on “I wish I was ANOREXIC.”

  1. I bought Elizabeth Scott’s “Winter Girls” with hopes that I would be inspired or at very least get a few “pointers.” But it didn’t work and besides, I don’t want to be sick. Trust me, you are beautiful as you are. If you can try to relax a little and learn to love yourself, you may find that you will be able to lose the weight you want to lose. Please don’t make yourself sick. As wonderful as it is to feel good about how you look, allowing others, including yourself, in and allowing them to love you will allow you to “conquer the world.”

  2. Anorexics are NEVER comfortable looking in the mirror. Anorexics never see themselves as thin enough or even thin at all. Your issues now would be multiplied by 100 if you were anorexic.

  3. Love yourself please. We all have our own flaws that we have to learn to accept and embrace. I thought I was the lowest of low scum bag of the earth for making up terrible lies for attention, but with prayer i’m learning that mistakes and falling short are something we all do. I just want you to look at yourself and find the thing that makes you happiest. Look and observe and learn to love it. Tell yourself you’re beautiful everyday. It will be ok trust me.

  4. Hey your not alone, I think the same thing everyday. But then when i put that thought aside and put on an outfit I remember a saying i’ve heard “if a ur attitude is confident people don’t see the imperfections” So i’ve given that a few tries and no joke it fucking works.
    And then I feel even better about myself if I had just looked good. people look at you and see who you are instead of what you look like. then after a while you start routinely caring about how you can change your weight for real….i haven’t gotten there yet but I am on my way.

    Anorexia leads to death….it does i’m in the medical field.
    Being Skinny isn’t worth your life.

    getting fit other ways makes you feel so insanely great about yourself……..i promise. try it.

  5. *thin.

    Look up anorexia/ go buy a dictionary.
    You might notice the difference between being happy with your image and never being able to accept it.

  6. What the hell? You wish that you were so thin that you would shorten your lifespan, end up on an IV in the hospital, look like skeletor, and have people look at you like a disease ridden leper just to wear a f@cking bathing suit?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s the stupidest sh!t I’ve ever heard. Wear the damn bikini; no one gives a f@ck. You’re probably not even fat. When was the last time you went swimming, at the pool OR beach. How many supermodels did you see there?? Honestly, you need a realistic perspective on how people actually look. Starving yourself will not make you any happier, you’ll just find something else to obsess about. Besides, in 20 years, you’ll kill to have the body you have now. Enjoy your youth and looks, worry less about what others think, and wear the f@cking bikini and get over it!! Peace. 🙂

  7. not ever wish that. I am anorexic, and it’s hell. I have had eating disorders for 12 years now and I’m 23.
    Talk to someone about the feelings you have it might help

  8. I am a recovering anorexia. Being anorexic does not make you able to look in the mirror and not cry. Being anorexic is hell, you will hate what you see in the mirror more. Not to mention ruin your health, take years of your life etc.
    Not worth it.
    Anorexics wish they weren’t. It’s not something you wish for yourself.

  9. I am anorexic and HATE my body. I don’t judge you for feeling this way at all because I wish the same for myself. Just know even when your 20 lbs under weight you wont accept your body until you love yourself. You want to be comfortable in a swimsuit, im hoping to one day be comfortable in shorts. Im so sorry you feel that way and good luck.

  10. Having anorexia definitely doesn’t make you happy with how you look. I suffered from it for the last 5 years and even at my skinniest- hospitalized with an IV and an NGO with a bmi of 13, I still thought I was fat and needed to loose more weight. Anorexia is a severe mental illness where no matter what you look like, it is impossible to be happy with how you look.

  11. I think I have it. I in fact know I do. But here’s the thing I’m too fat to be medically considered. No one notices that I am. I have lost a ton of weight and I’ve even told my husband I was. I’m now past my goal weight and almost as skinny as I was before kids and people say I look good and like I used to but I still see myself as fat. I don’t think I will ever lose enough weight to think I look good. No one will care till I’m under 100 lbs. I’m 124 now.

  12. So I can’t get help either till I’m extremely skinny. I just want to be happy and healthy again. I can’t stop on my own I really need help.

  13. I can promise you, from both a fat and anorexic view, you never feel comfortable. All you can do is accept it rather than dwell on it!

  14. heather if this is yer post.you are so beautiful.im so stupid for not tellin u.i love u so much and i hope you dont get to that unhealthy low weight again.but i love you and support whatever you wana do.i can only give u my opinion.-yer husband-craig

    Almost 8 years ago. IT was one of the worst choices I have ever made. So many years where every thought and day was consumed by what I was not eating that day and if I looked fat in my size 0 clothes. It’s disgusting to think how poor my relationship with myself was. In life from any aspect loving yourself has to be first and with an eating disorder you are on the completely other spectrum. You are beautiful and that isn’t bullshit. When you don’t eat or are bulimic your skin, nails, hair, mind, teeth everything is being destroyed slowly. It’s hard to retrain your brain from the negative committee creates with an eating disorder.

  16. Go to the gym. Eat healthy. There is no magical fix to be “thin”. I am a recovering anorexic. Three years ago this time I was 86 pounds (I’m 5’4) and dying in a hospital bed; and, even then I felt insecure about my body. Anorexia is characterized by constant insecurities about your body, so that won’t solve anything. I am now a healthy weight, I have a clean diet, and I go to the gym five days a week. I am the happiest I have ever been. As with everything in life, if you want something you have to work for it. Good luck.

  17. Beauty comes in all sizes.
    Your body is a miracle and so are you!
    Hating your body just brings you more pain.
    You don’t have to suffer because other people think you’re ugly.
    You’re beautiful!

  18. Please dont read that crap in those magazines and on the tele, its all bollucks. and real men love the curves anyway

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