I try my hardest to prevent my crush from meeting my best friend..

I try my hardest to prevent my crush from meeting my best friend..

I try my hardest to prevent my crush from meeting my [more attractive and outgoing] best friend for fear that they will like her more than me.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    Perhaps try focusing that energy to meeting your crushes yourself! I’ll wager your friend SEEMS more attractive to you but the guy who works for you will love YOU for what and who you are. As silly and movie as it may seem, there is a lot to be said for Colin Firth’s character in “Bridget Jones” liking HER for who she is. Don’t worry. You will be loved and get to share YOUR love.

  2.  by  Ella

    Why is ‘more outgoing’ a good thing? I love quiet, thoughtful, introverted people. They intrigue me and often have better insight and more mystery about them than the outgoing sort. Outgoing people can be exhausting to be around sometimes.

    There will always be people who are generally considered attractive (and they may get more positive attention), but trust me, oftentimes the people everyone think is pretty others find plain or uninteresting. I find most ‘pretty’ people look quite boring to me.

    My sister is traditionally beautiful and she is hit on daily by average guys. My friend is not nearly as pretty. She has a small mouth and huge eyes, curly wild hair and super pale skin). My friend doesn’t get hit on as often as my sister but when she gets hit on it’s usually by really good looking, smart, interesting, quality guys who like uncommon looks and her personality more than perfect teeth and great hair. My friend (despite being less pretty) gets the best guys.

    Everyone has a type- most people like standard beauty. But the most interesting people are often the quiet girl in the corner or the girl with the cute freckles and crooked smile.

  3.  by  Tom McG

    VERY well said, Ella!!! I have obvserved smiliar things around me as well.

  4.  by  Silent_speaker

    I know exactly how you feel, I’ve always been the ugly introverted, guys always flocked to my best friend in High School, and I hated life for it, I wasn’t ever good enough for a guy unless she turned them down. I even had guys leave me because they thought she was far more attractive…

  5.  by  M.

    Everyone is meant for someone. If your crushes go to your friend, then maybe they “weren’t the ones.” Maybe the “true one” will come soon. Then they will come to you, even with your freinds around.

  6.  by  nerdgirl

    As a very plain Indian girl, I never thought I would attract men in the company of my hot blonde friends. But one day, when I was sitting at a bar surrounded by my extremely hot blonde friends, this young man takes one look at me and goes, “You’re extremely beautiful.” And he spent the whole night trying to get my number. It was so flattering – for the first time, I experienced a guy who had eyes only for me, and hadn’t even noticed my friends.

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