11 thoughts on “I still answer whenever you call..”

  1. Does this person know how you feel? Can you talk to them? They still call so they still love you as well. If you talk to them, perhaps they may come running when YOU say the word!!!

  2. I would answer his calls, but he hates me now… I wish the best for you… and I hope they do say the word you are looking for… I know I’ll be waiting for the word too.

  3. You know, is this one girl in school. I don’t know if she appreciates all the stuff I’ve done for her over the last 6 years. I hope she’ll realize that later, and realize that still, after ignoring me subconciously as she dates my best friend, that I’ll always be there for her. “Just say the word and I’ll come running”
    I also realize, that this is just high school drama, that life as an adult can get more serious, but this is what I know- this is my version of life so far.

  4. Love can be cruel and hurt, but no matter what I have no regrets falling in love with my best friend. Even though now she has decided that I am not enough I will forever love her with all my heart.

    She holds my heart in her hands and if she called me I would answer if she said “the word” I would run to her every single time. My heart beats her name it always will. She is very special to me.

  5. I hope she knows, im sure that she knows i wore my heart like a watch, so i tatted her on my wrist. XO

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