I sometimes masturbate with a hairbrush..

I sometimes masturbate with a hairbrush..

I sometimes masturbate with a hairbrush in the bathroom when no one’s home.

7 Comments on “I sometimes masturbate with a hairbrush..

  1.  by  Tom McG

    If you enjoy it…and especially since it is all about you and no one else (isn’t that what masturbation is??)…then GOOD for YOU!!! You GO, girl!!!

    If you are doing it to hurt yourself (the “wrong” end of the brush), then please find someone to talk to.

    I hope it is the former!!! 😉

  2.  by  Flipper

    “You GO, girl!!!”

    Who said anything about it being a girl?

  3.  by  Mr/s

    Flipper and Toms comments combined just gave me terrible mental images.. :((

  4.  by  Tom McG

    You are right, Flipper, I made an assumption. An assumption based upon the photo (you HAVE to admit it is a bit on the girly side) and anatomy. But, as I said, you are right…I am not suggesting anyone adhere to MY thoughts and techniques!!!

    Mr/s sorry to have contributed to that. Once seen it can’t be unseen!! 🙂

  5.  by  XXX

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