I sleep for 16+ hours a day…

I sleep for 16+ hours a day...

I sleep for 16+ hours a day…

People think that I’m depressed…

but really it’s because nothing will ever match the me in my dreams.

5 Comments on “I sleep for 16+ hours a day…

  1.  by  Gina

    I so understand this! I take at least two naps a day for the exact same reason.

  2.  by  Tom McG

    I understand this as well. But I reached the point where I couldn’t do it and the only alternative was to try to become the me in my dreams. Sometimes I miss….big time. But sometimes, sometimes in very important ways, I turned out better than my dreams. I had a child and although I messed up A LOT, I really did do better that I even imagined. You can do it!!! The you of your dreams is, after all, YOU!!! You just have to find and release that person from the prison of your subconcious!! Hard…well, YEAH!! Worth it…OH, yeah!

  3.  by  Novisca

    To be honest, I love sleeping and the main reason is that sometimes I do have good dreams. Sometimes I felt that my brain had subconsciously allowing me to control my dream. Maybe that I had thought of the issues alot that it went into the dream and sometimes giving me solutions or good outcomes. It sorts of giving me the outcomes that I want. When I wake up, I always think of how amazing dreams are, although it might had felt as though I was the one who was controlling how the dreams flow. It sort of feels like the movie, inception.

  4.  by  loa

    I love you forever.

    I sleep only to dream. Lucid or not, (as in, yes, you can control yourself in a lucid dream Novisca) there is always so much more life when I’m asleep.
    I still remember dreams I’ve have over ten years ago.

    (Inception = <33)

  5.  by  Kc

    People don’t understand why I like to sleep so much. Its because nothing really bad happens in my dreams. Even the nightmares I face in my dreams are nothing compared to the nightmares that I can face when I’m awake. In my dreams, I am safe.

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