10 thoughts on “I met a great guy on Facebook.”

  1. This touches me … I am so sorry that this is your experience. The focus on the physical, the exterior, of others is so sadly superficial. I have been judged according to the insane standards that much of society upholds.

    People don’t fit formulas & charts. Their value lies within. I could write chapters about my similar experiences … But I just want to express to you that I hope that you either establish the level of trust with this man you refer to in this postsecret to “get real” — if he is worth his weight in salt, none of your worries will be shared by him … Or, if that just isn’t possible, I hope that you are as blessed as I have finally found myself. Please accept yourself fully & trust that the Universe will deliver gentle spirits into your life that are capable of doing the same. ~ Namaste ~

  2. I’m the same with this guy I dont know if i should meet him in real life I am afraid I wont fulfill the idealized idea he has of me. though he has seen me on camera a lot of times I still can’t believe he can call me such beautiful things when I dont even think that way of me. Bummer to have such low self-esteem sometimes.

  3. I never experienced a situation like this, because guys neither like me in real life nor on the internet. But IF I would meet someone on facebook I would totally think the same.

  4. it´s easy to find great guys/girls on the internet, because everyone in there is a character, a better version of people they would like to be. Keep the relationship as it is, not because you think he might be disappointed by the way you look, but because it´s more likely that you will be disappointed by who he really is. When something is real and right, it somehow finds a way of happening, if he´s the real deal, you´ll eventually meet and he won´t care.

  5. You’ve got to put an end to this relationship. It’s basically fake and is in your best interest (same for the guy). I’m sure you’re a lot more attractive than you think and there are ALWAYS guys out there who think bigger women are attractive. I used to weigh over 250lbs and had cute guys asking me out all the time. You just have to be confident knowing that you are a great person and you’re smart, funny, sweet, thoughtful, etc. There’s a lot more to life than what’s on the outside and as you get older, you’ll hopefully learn this lesson sooner rather than later.

  6. What really matters is YOU, and that YOU have doubts over yourself. It is something only you can change. You can change the way you see yourself or you can change what you see. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.

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