I have been having an affair with my husband’s best friend for 6 months.

I have been having an affair with my husband's best friend for 6 months.

I have been having an affair with my husband’s best friend for 6 months.

I will live this lie until I get caught.

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  1.  by  Ethan

    Me I am seeking for advise I am a married man and I have always been faithful to my wife and respect others who do to , I know this one girl called stephanie married to a really nice friend of mine who I have here in Winnipeg , oh well this one girl is cheating on him with a guy who lives in Calgary but them having something while she is married with 2 kids just pisses me off , Should I just tell him to please check on his wife geez
    steph rose get serious man

  2.  by  David messineineo

    I have know for a long time but she will not tell me and probaly never will but she left and her and him are finally talking on a reagular basis which is better than her being misrable with me and have to live a lie so crystal mendenhall and kenny colbert have a good life forever I can finally let go of the burden of being lied to so I know it won’t work crystal so please don’t come back were done !!!

  3.  by  nikki

    I’m dealing with the same situation 🙁 I don’t know what to do. I’m having an affair with my husband’s bestfriend who happens to be a very close friend of mine too. However, we do not see each other often as he lives in a different country but we do chat all the time and I constantly think of him and exchange intimate chats.

  4.  by  dominickokpl.tumblr.com

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  5.  by  Shannon clarke

    I too am having an affair with my husbands friend. He is also in a relationship (not married) it has been an ongoing thing for a few years. I have no regrets. We keep it private and low key.

  6.  by  Tom McG

    I will never be able to understand this type of thing, I guess, unless I find myself in the same position. I have never had to deal with my partner having an affair but I have been cheated on. More than once. I wonder if there is something in or about me that leads women to cheat on me. It has been years since I have had such hurts but the wounds are still as raw on those occasions I think about them. Why have an affair? A breakup, especially to be dumped for another, hurts a great deal. But I think cheating feels worse. Why keep the hurt party around? Oddly enough I am not judging the cheaters, I just want to understand. ESPECIALLY if I need to examine and “fix” something within myself to prevent feeling such hurts anew.

  7.  by  Teri

    I have done research and it is soooo messed up. Like women can’t have an affair with their husband’s co worker. He is married and their sex life is like as ours, non existent….Shit, like women don’t want sex more than they get… We have been attracted to each other since we met. Never in a million years would I have thought he felt the same way. I have done things during my marriage, so has he. I would not ever want a commitment. He is like me, so much so that we laugh about it. However, all I ask is to talk about whatever afterwards before we run off. I don’t know, maybe asking too much, we do before… Talk and laugh forever. Most times there is no hurry. Advice please!!!

  8.  by  Trav

    She’s doing what a lot wish they could, in my opinion. That’s why we each have our own though, huh. This person is living their life in the moment and how they see fit. Selfish as it is, it’s what this person chose to do. This doesn’t justify the shit talk on them, isn’t this deal for posting your secret? Not degrading, judging, or talking down on others for theirs. Yes, it’s unethical but maybe because that’s just what has been taught the lay the thousand years, there’s also the other thousands of years of primal instinct that wasn’t written into something as a guideline for how you should live. You have a few years on this planet, if you want to fuck, fuck.

  9.  by  Jesbo

    Sure, fuck whomever you want. Just don’t get married and fuck over your husband that way. Dirty sluts are dirty sluts. If you tell your husband you just fucked his best friend, 99% of them will either kill you both, or dump both your asses from his life.

    Sluts need to be shamed so they understand the consequences of spreading their legs for men who are not their husband. It’s nature, and has been since the dawn of man.

  10.  by  JAY

    It always intrigues me how a woman can have an affair and it is fore what ever reason fully justified, however if it is the husband, well that is so different, he of course is the worlds worst arsehole and how could he.
    ps. this is only an observation in my lifetime. I have been married for almost 40 years, never been unfaithful although had MANY opportunities, I also feel my wife has also been faithful to me, it is something called respect for your partner.

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