4 thoughts on “I had no idea that you were feeding me venomous lies..”

  1. I hope sincerely that this is not a post secret from my ex. If so, please know that I never lied to you and my relationship and involvement with her started three months after we broke up. If the engagement that followed several months later seemed fast, I am the first to acknowledge that it was, but that does not mean I lied to you, was cheating on you, or didn’t have legitimate feelings for you when we were together. The reasons I provided upon breakup were the truth.

    If the person who posted this was not my ex, I apologize for the ramblings and probable massacring of the situation at hand in terms of your experience vs. my ex’s experience.

  2. I don’t think you are my ex, he doesn’t even know what post secret is. Although coincidentally your explanation does closely resemble his. It’s been a while since I made this secret, and since then I’ve been learning to just accept what I had and what is now. Everything in life happens for a reason and I know this will some how help me later on in life.

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