I can’t tell my friend I slept with her boyfriend…

I can't tell my friend I slept with her boyfriend...

I can’t tell my friend I slept with her boyfriend…

And it’s not because I care about her. It’s because I care about the other friends I lied to in order to hide my shame.

4 thoughts on “I can’t tell my friend I slept with her boyfriend…”

  1. So… you care more about protecting your own image among your friends than protecting your friend from an emotionally damaging relationship and your own pathetic behavior. Your shame is justified.

  2. Shame is never the healthy course… remorse is. We are all fallible human beings. We all do things of which we are not proud. We just have to find ways to take responsibilities for our actions and cope with the consequences. Be understanding of yourself and others and accept yourself if you take responsiblities and others can’t be understanding of you.

  3. I’ve been there… I hated myself for a long time. I judged myself and I kept the secret for more than a year because I wasn’t brave enough to assume my mistake and I thought I would become less painfull as the time would pass, but it’s not true.
    You can think it’s cliche but I just had the strenght to tell the true to her and our other friends after I put God in my life…I knew they could hate me but God gave me the courage I needed, and I know He’s with me even if noone else is. And I feel much better now that I did what’s right.

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