I am now sure I will end up alone.

I am now sure I will end up alone.

I’m 23 and never had any serious relationship.

I am now sure I will end up alone.

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  1.  by  Ella

    23 is VERY young. How many serious relationships do you think you could have had in the time you have been mature enough to even have a serious relationship? Do you think a bunch of 16, 19 and 21 year olds are off having serious, meaningful, lasting relationships?

  2.  by  Ged

    I had never been in a serious relationship until, at 27, I met the love of my life at a Christmas party I nearly didn’t go to. Previously a romance cynic, I can now say with absolute certainty that we’re going to live (happily) ever after.

    Life is strange and random and wonderful and the worst thing you can do is give up on it before its done being good to you.

  3.  by  Tom McG

    In so many ways, NO one has a “serious” relationship when they are very young. We all grow and change and mature all the time. You are fine, you are terrific! You will come across a kindred spirit and you will have achieved a wisdom that will allow you to have a wonderful love. I am now grateful to the women who I burned for for not “engaging” with me because they had the presence of mind to recognize that I wasn’t ready for them or they not for me. You will persevere!!

  4.  by  justagirl

    I am 46 and have never been in a “serious” relationship…& that’s ok. I look at those around me and see their serial “serious” relationships – they are no happier than me, have less freedom than me, & sometimes envy me. I am having the time of my life learning who I am and what makes me happy. I may find my “soul mate” or not – I can be happy and whole regardless.

  5.  by  Anita

    Yeah at 23 you still have tons of time, though it doesn’t feel like it I’m sure. Hang in there and just try to enjoy life, relax and have a good time…you never know where life will take you.

  6.  by  Ginny Gee

    Actually I had a 3 year relationship that started at 16 and was very serious. It can happen but it’s rare. Don’t spend too much time on what you haven’t had time to find. Just keep looking. You’ll find it 🙂 Trust me it’s worth the wait.

  7.  by  Regina

    I am 21 and I have never been in ANY kind of relationship, I like to think that I’ll meet the right one some day, I am sure you will too. When you least expect it 😉

  8.  by  Bella

    A friend of mine is in her late 30s and has only this year begun her first serious relationship. I’m 24 and haven’t been in one and I can understand your fear because I get it too but I’m pretty sure I won’t be alone my whole life, even if for whatever reason I am alone at the end of my life. We both have plenty of time :D.

  9.  by  JD

    You have time, don’t worry.
    I was sure that I would end up being a cat woman with 37 cats, and I was fine with that. Then suddenly, little over a year ago, I met the love of my life, and I am 23 – almost 24, and I haven’t had loads of relationships.
    It will happen.

  10.  by  Rachel

    My first serious relationship was at 24 and I thought I might never have one (altho I had accepted it by then). I’m married to him now 🙂

  11.  by  lori

    i am 22 and away shy away from relationship but even i have hope, i wont end up alone.There is someone waiting for me and i am searching for him. We will meet, i am sure of it.

  12.  by  Me

    Don’t be so sure. I was 25 when I met my first serious relationship. It’s been 23 years now, we’ve been married for 18 of them, have two precious kids and are still happy. I would rather have it this way, then go from one relationship to the next and have my heart broken over and over again.

  13.  by  Francois

    I had my first serious relationship at 28, met my wife at 34. We’ve been married for almost 3 years and have a beautiful daughter. The right relationship is worth waiting for.

  14.  by  Cizzle

    I did not have my first boyfriend until I was 23. That relationship lasted a year and a half (then we mutually decided we just didn’t really have a future). I am now dating a guy I am totally in love with and could see spending the rest of my life with. Like Francois has said, the right relationships are worth waiting for. I know how you feel and that you probably hate hearing, “You will find someone someday,” but I really believe that. Don’t just give up at 23….you are WAAAY too young!

  15.  by  The Girl

    Felt the exact same way at 23. Met my first boyfriend a year later and had that ball and chain for eight years now.

  16.  by  okuninushi

    All the cheering comments are bulshit, some people are meant to be alone, I can completely understand and relate, one knows inside what will happen despite all good wishes

  17.  by  Kev

    I’ve been alone for the better part of a decade. It never really gave me too many issues until recently. I went to a funeral and all I wanted was someone to be there for my pain . Then I really felt alone…

  18.  by  P

    No worries… Love has no age and most likely you’re not alone & you’re still young

  19.  by  J

    I had my first “relationship” (read: only lasted like a month and a half) when I was 19, but since then I haven’t really dated any guys at all and I’m 26. I know it can seem frustrating at times, believe me, but I’m holding out hope that someday I’ll meet that special someone 🙂

  20.  by  Anon

    My Fiance was 22 when i met him and had never been in a relationship. He didnt kiss a girl until he was 18 and lost his virginity at 21. We,ve been together 2 years and i cant see anything changing.

  21.  by  Lisa

    I am 23. I’ve never been on a date, never had a boyfriend. I don’t see how someone can love me if I can’t stand myself, but I hope that one day I’ll be able to adopt, because I refuse to die alone.

  22.  by  Kev

    There’s so much time when you are 23. But you have to find a little love in your heart for yourself first. Don’t believe that that there isn’t anyone for you. It seems to happen when you least expect it .

  23.  by  Ruth

    I am 27 and I have never been in a relationship, never been kissed, and I am still a virgin. I am generally happy with my life, and I know it won’t solve all my problems or fill a hole in my life, but it would be really nice to have someone who loves me like that. I do believe that that person is out there, but sometimes I worry that they will see me as inexperienced or broken somehow. Ironically, due to my interpersonal psychology minor, I am the person that my friends come to to talk about their relationships.

  24.  by  Kevo

    The right guy it will not matter if you have experience or not. Good people are out there, only a matter of time and making yourself available to the experience.

  25.  by  Erica

    Oh stop it! Embrace your youth and have fun being single. Relationships are overrated. First get to know yourself and learn to love YOU before loving anyone else!

  26.  by  Poe

    I was exactly the same, until 25 when I started dating a guy I had been really good friends with and completely clicked with. It’s now 10 years later, we are happily married with 2 kids, and life is beautiful. I remember feeling exactly the same way as you – I could have written your postcard – but life changes soooo much so quickly in your 20s, that you really can’t forecast how things will be. Keep focusing on yourself and your life, there is so much to see and do, and the right person will come along when the time is right. Good luck.

  27.  by  Long

    I am 23 and have been in an off and on relationship with a man for five years. This is after praying so hard in my adolescent years to be loved. I would give anything to be in your position again. Truly the pain of the relationship is so much greater than the pain I went through feeling alone. At least when I was alone, I did not have the emotional baggage of our relationship weighing me down.

    Just wanted to add this to the discussion – sometimes having a relationship can be a lot more demanding than you think, a lot more draining than you can imagine. I know I will be alone from now on and the worst thing is that I had grown to accept it before meeting him. Now I just think of what could have been.

    Focus on you. Treasure these moments. And know that your life is one that I and others would love to lead.

  28.  by  tom

    I am 19 been in a relationship since 17, very serious we are matured in the sense that w both know what we want . But this is rare, and it is harder to know what you want wen your younger. Let living do the work for you, me and my missus could not have been a more unexpected relationship

  29.  by  Sam

    I met the love of my life at 31! Never lose faith, true love always comes along.

  30.  by  Warren Wolfe

    This is a common fear.
    i had the same fear at 22, so I got married the first chance I had.
    It turned out to be a 20 year sentence to Hell.

    It is now more than four years after you wrote this…
    How are things going for you?

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