10 thoughts on “I am FAT. And I am afraid..”

  1. I know that feeling … : ( … I’m so sorry you feel this way. I did lose a substantial amount of weight & there are things about my body that I find even less attractive now. Making peace with my body continues to be a process that evolves ever slowly … I hope you find ways to make peace with yours. Namaste.

  2. Looks don’t mean anything if personality is not there. So if you have a good personality then you are beautiful !

  3. I’ve been 120 to 220, sizes 6 to 24. No matter how much weight I lose, I’m still homely and the only guys who will come on to me are drunk / stoned / insane / super-low-I.Q.’d. Seriously. I’ve never heard “You’re pretty” in my life. Guys always want a pretty face, even if they’re chubby-chasers. No idea how I haven’t killed myself by now, except that I’m too chicken.

  4. i feel the same way. even when people tell me i’m beautiful or pretty how i am i feel like they’re lieing and that they’ll never get to say it for real.

  5. Sweetie I look a LOT like the heavier woman in the mirror in this photo and I’m here to tell you that maybe I will look this way forever, maybe I’ll gain weight, maybe I’ll lose weight, but I know that every which way I am a beautiful person. I know deep inside that for me losing weight isn’t what makes me beautiful. Being me, trying my best to be a good person, and loving myself is what will always make me beautiful.

  6. Everyone has their own opinion and interpretation of what is beautiful. The only way for you to truly be beautiful is for you to believe that you are beautiful, and embrace that.

  7. Everything is about experience, and we are all experiencers, we gather information that we then pass back to the infinite. Beauty is everything, for it is just an experience Amy, we are all players, we creat each other and everything else creats us.

  8. I don’t believe you for a second. You tell yourself that, so you won’t have to go through trying to lose weight. There’s nothing attractive about being unhealthy. Just because you send a secret in doesn’t mean it’s a real secret. That’s where your REAL secret is, isn’t it? I’m sure the chubby chasers tell you that, but the medical doctors in your life disagree, hmm?

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