I always assumed we would come back to each other.

I always assumed we would come back to each other.

I always assumed we would come back to each other.

After 3 years of pretending not to care I find out you are pregnant and worst of all, happy,  I still love you and regret not telling you sooner.

9 Comments on “I always assumed we would come back to each other.

  1.  by  Courtney

    I always assumed the same. We’re both engaged to other people now. I still miss him every day.

  2.  by  Lissa

    Its been 2 years since I last spoke to him.. I have been married for three years and have two beautiful girls.. I miss him everyday and I will never love my husband the way that I love him!

  3.  by  xxd

    I figure if i tell this person how I feel(again), It will just be me repeating a pattern of initiating contact with this individual which the last few times I have done so,(it has been 2 years) it has got me no where but hurt/rejected. I guess sometimes people dont feel the same as we feel about them. even if we re ask years later.

  4.  by  K

    If this is my ex. I always assumed we would have never parted. That changed when you chose to have your eyes wander else where. If it is you B I’m sorry you still think of us. I am happy and I would never wanted my happiness to cause you pain. First loves always hold a special place, but there is always a reason for things ending.

  5.  by  T

    It took me twenty years to learn this, try to find solace in the fact it only took you three.

  6.  by  Marcia

    I too have lost ‘the one’. I have been married for 10 years and I think of him every single day. I have googled him and it’s as if he is totally lost–he has just disappeared. I fear that he is dead. I loved him so much.

  7.  by  C

    R. you left and it destroyed me. I am dating a woman now and I can only think of you. It pains me that you have changed so much and become a different person than I knew. I am sad for my new gf because I cannot get you out of my mind. good or bad you were special. I hate you!

  8.  by  KMB

    I will always love you. While pregnant I had many dreams about you. I still can’t get you out of my head but I would never take you back. I am in love with my husband and our beautiful baby girl.

  9.  by  joan covell

    I think about you every day. I always did and always will. I don’t think I’ll ever see you again. It makes me very sad.

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