He told me that he “never wanted to lose me again”..

He told me that he

When we first exchanged number, he told me that he “never wanted to lose me again”.

Now, he’s the only person who can hurt me in every way possible and I think he’s doing it on purpose…

And the worst part is..I think I love him.

4 Comments on “He told me that he “never wanted to lose me again”..

  1.  by  Tom McG

    It sounds like there is a LOT more to this than could fit on a “postcard.” If he is hurting you, on purpose or not, you need to stand up for yourself. I know that is easy to say and SO VERY hard to do…but he may inflict permanent damage on you and cause you to become so skittish that when someone who REALLY loves you comes along, you may have trouble accepting that love as well as returning it. You are worth SO much more than to have someone hurt you just to get their power fix.

  2.  by  The Good Girl

    Sounds like the beginning of an abusive relationship to me. I could be way off but maybe you should google the warning signs. Dont be a victim for love, you will regret it.

  3.  by  Loz

    I am in a very similar position, whats more exhausting and heart breaking is I’m aware of it all 24/7 but feel so intwined to stay and even though I KNOW deep down I deserve better, and it ISNT my fault and I DONT have to be in this relationship, he has me wrapped round his little finger, emotionally, mentally. I am at the point where I don’t want to live anymore. But am so physically scared to voice myself. Somehow, you have to realise its YOUR life. YOU can do whatever you want. I just wish I could put this into practice. 🙁 I’m so alone

  4.  by  YB

    Well for whatever it’s worth Loz, and original poster, I believe in you both. You DO need to realize it’s your life, and take control. But you don’t have to be totally alone in that. Expand your horizons – think outside the box, it’ll help with your life in many ways!

    Someone I know was in a similar situation recently, but she finally, finally realized that she had to start taking control of her life. She’s still learning and getting there, but it’s getting better for her. She isn’t alone with it, you don’t have to be either – telling others your concerns isn’t unfair to them. We can all help each other out.

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