9 thoughts on “Everybody tells me I’m brilliant and a genius.”

  1. I am often told how smart I am. I don’t see it. If you can focus on what YOU want; what YOU are interested in and just follow your own path, your life will become more rewarding and satisfying. As difficult as it may be, try not to feel guilty. You didn’t betray anyone. You have to follow your path, regardless of what they think.

  2. I completely empathize with you on this one — I have heard it time and time again as well: “You’re so smart”, “You’re so intelligent” or “You’re too smart to be working here, why are you here?” — It’s really a double sided compliment, but nevertheless, the perception that we have of ourselves is often far removed from how others truly perceive us. With that said, you have to carve your own path in life and do what you love — intelligence comes in many forms (book smarts, street smarts, social intelligence, etc)and it only reaps benefit if you’re applying it to the things you truly enjoy so that you’re leading a fulfilling life of purpose.

  3. i feel exactly like you. but iwm just 21, and i realy hope to become better. i think i can do something with my wisdom; and you can too.

  4. Not living up to other people’s expectations of you is THERE problem, not yours, so you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

  5. I feel you, poster. My family, as well as I, had great expectations for me when I was younger. Everyone said I was smart & could do anything I wanted.
    Yet here I am, doing nothing. Watching life pass me by like a lazy river.
    It’s hard to get up and go.

  6. everyone who knows me thinks I´m the dumb blonde stereotype. I work at a small cafe, and I often, drop mugs, or glasses. Nobody holds it against me, because they are nice people, and they think I´m dumb. I´m not gonna try to define “smart” and the put myself in that category, but they have no clue that even if we take in 100 customers, I know exactly how much money should be in the register, I can remember everyone´s names and orders at the end of the day, every time someone misplaces something, I know exactly where it is, because I can remember what that person has done all day. When I was in school, I was always top of my class and nobody liked me. I just stop telling everyone everything I know until they ask and I´ve made good friends who have no clue of this.

  7. This is over-simplifying the issue, but basically, you need to do what YOU want, not what other people expect you do to. It’s your life, take control of it.

  8. I hear that; I feel the same way. I’m book smart, but practically an idiot. My friends think I’m smart because I have a big imagination, a good sense of humor, and a large vocabulary, but I do stupid things like procrastination and blame all the time. They’re all smart too in their own ways, but I fit society’s definition of intelligence, and they don’t, even if they’re more talented and dedicated than me.

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