You never wanted a fairytale ending…

You never wanted a fairytale ending...

I thought I could make this a Happily Ever After, but you never wanted a Fairytale ending…

5 Comments on “You never wanted a fairytale ending…

  1.  by  Kat

    My boyfriend and I’s favorite series before we got together was Shrek. We were both so imperfect, yet we were perfect for each other. We saw ourselves in it. Or so I thought.

  2.  by  Fullofsecrets

    My boyfriend told me when I first met him that his life would never be a fairytale but then he went on to mad
    ke me feel like a princess… truth is my life could never be a fairytale either…

  3.  by  Love

    All I want is a fairytale. And hope with him, I have one. It scares me though.

  4.  by  Broken Brooke

    I always wanted more then he did, I just hoped it would slowly get where I wanted if I was patient.. It didn’t.

  5.  by  timberland store


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