18 thoughts on “Sometimes I wish I had cancer,”

  1. Stop wishing that. I have it. I wish I didn’t just so that I could have the strength the do the things that I once did not want to do…

  2. Please do NOT wish cancer on yourself…no matter how hard life can be; it’s so much harder with cancer. Be happy you don’t have it…not all of us can say that

  3. You need to get some therapy sweetie. Cancer destroys lives and is a hideous monster to all who have to face it. You still don’t get out of doing things- I have M.S (not cancer but chronic and debilitating and it will shorten my life) but I still have to work, go to school, pay the bills. No one cuts me any slack and no one is nicer to me because of it. When I had to be hospitalized, I lost my job and had to do tons of catch up work at school. I am 22 and my life is MUCH harder because of being sick.

  4. I thought the post secret community was one where no one judged anyone? This person’s obviously ashamed they think like that, but they do. I get that, sometimes I wonder if people would appreciate me more or actually take notice of me if I was ill.
    I’m not proud to sometimes think like that, but I get you. We just need to snap out of that selfish kind of thinking, if you did have cancer it wouldn’t effect just you but your family/friends.
    We all have things we don’t want to do, but once you’ve done them you’ll feel – I sure know I do – proud and glad you’ve done them. Stick with it!

  5. Marina, you are right.

    OP, I am sorry for judging you. I have no place opening my mouth when I have no clue how you actually feel. Again, I am sorry. I hope you work through your feelings and end up in a more positive place from this situation.

  6. OP, I only say don’t wish it; because I have been dealing with this for 8 years of my life. Therapies after therapies just for a slight hope of recovery and having said you survived. I still have to work, I still had to finish my degree.. You don’t get out of things because of cancer. I, myself, don’t tell everyone I have it because I fear their pity (pity is not as glamourous as it sounds, you feel like you are abnormal and a lot like shit.) But most of all, I don’t tell everyone because I fear losing my job that helps me pay for my therapies…

  7. Wow! How about giving the OP a break! It’s a secret- not necessarily something they’re proud of, so let’s not be assholes, ok?!

  8. How can you say that? In a world trying desperately to find a cure for cancer, to find a cure so people can stop losing their parents, siblings and children you have the audacity to ask for this? I understand that this is your secret but you want cancer because you’re lazy? Really?

  9. I applaud your honesty, however, I don’t think the millions of people who’ve died would agree with you.

  10. You arent strange.. you are depressed. Im sorry you feel this way, but once a long time ago, i felt this way also.. I also wished i had it just to see who cared about me…… wondered who would come to my funeral.
    See a doc & try some meds. there is no reason to feel so depressed, when you can feel “normal” =)

  11. I just finished chemotherapy and my silver lining during it was having an excuse to get out of things I didn’t want to do!

    I don’t understand why people are so worked up about this. I think it’s okay have thoughts like this. It doesn’t mean they are depressed or ACTUALLY want it to happen. I’d wondered who would care if I got cancer (I wasn’t depressed, just curious), and A LOT of people did!

  12. I know what you mean. I wish I had a fatal disease also. I am tired of all the BS in this life. We are all slaves to money/work/jobs.

    If I had a fatal disease, and knew the end was near, I could live each day as I wish, never planning, worrying about tomorrow.

  13. no lol i’m sorry even if this is a secrets site that’s still fucking stupid
    cancer isn’t anything i’d wish on anyone, along with any other debilitating illness, mental or physical

    my aunts literally alone cos her husband and daughter died of it so it doesn’t even just affect you it affects everyone who gives a shit about you so i’m sorry if i am a little pissed off that you’d use such a thing for “getting out of things”
    even i’m terribly lazy but. c’mon.

    again i realise it’s for secrets and i’m glad you could get it off your chest i guess but. having an opinion or thought doesn’t necessarily mean you are free from other people’s opinions on it

  14. Don’t do that! The people who love you will be hurt. Why don’t you take them all out and just do it. I will be your buddy. I started on the things I have been wanting to do. We can support each other. If you don’t want to do it with me do it with others.

    This website will help you make your goals with deadlines and at the end you will check “successful”, ” not successful”, or ” in progress” at http://www.30daydoit.com

    Good luck. Don’t procrastinate. I have been happier doing these now. I have a lot of ”not successful” but someday I will make it. Change is a process, right?

    You’re scared, I know, I am too. But what would it be like if you did those things now?

  15. I am turning 60 this year. Things are kind of good right now, but further down the road they will not be. I willl not be financially well off. My back will probably get more of a problem. Personally, I hope to be gone in my sixties. I don’t go to doctors. For one thing, I cannot bear invasive examinations. I don’t care if they save my life. It will be better if I died of some disease too late diagnosed to be treated. That would be better than having a poor quality of life like I described.

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