My friends tease me for always making comments that make me seem lesbian..

My friends tease me for always making comments that make me seem lesbian..

My friends tease me for always making comments that make me seem lesbian, but they are all convinced that I am straight.
I used to think I was straight too, but now I’m just trying to figure out how to tell someone, anyone, that I’m actually BISEXUAL.

(there, I said it. First time I’ve admitted it to anyone, including myself.)

11 Comments on “My friends tease me for always making comments that make me seem lesbian..

  1.  by  Paul

    I am gay. I used to think about it a lot, but now I see that it is one part of me, that’s all. If I make it a big deal, it will be. It can make me hate myself, and it can take over who I am when I thrust myself into a world of lost “sexuals” to find acceptance. Neither of these things are good or bad, but I tend to be most content when I think of myself as ‘me’ and let life and love fall into place.

  2.  by  Katherine

    I’m bisexual too. For years I told myself and everyone else that I am a lesbian. Over time I realized that I’m actually bisexual, but I couldn’t say that because no woman would date me if I did.

  3.  by  Me

    So. There it is… You said it. Now go and feel good about it. Your sexuality is part of you, not the major part, just a part. It doesn’t define how you live your life, now does it? You made the first step and said it out loud.

  4.  by  selfpsycho

    there is no such thing as gay, straight,or bi. They are all just ways of putting people together. But everyone is different and no one has a choice in who they are, they just have a choice in whether or not they pretend to be someone else or they be who they really are and that choice is the most important. If people hate you when you are being someone else then they could love who you really are and you lose out on it, but there are always people who love you for who you are and they are the important people. There is no way of making everyone happy, so why not be yourself and make the right people happy!

  5.  by  JLS

    I hated that my friends, family, and even strangers immediately assumed I was a lesbian, because I was still trying to accept the fact that I was bisexual. But I’ve accepted who I am now, and I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me for exactly who am. It can only get better from this point, coming to terms with your sexuality is the hardest part.

  6.  by  I_m_not_concentrating

    I don’t mind, love, and no-one should care. There are people like this everywhere, and they will support you.

  7.  by  anon

    I was more comfortable coming out as gay then admitting i am bisexual

  8.  by  Me

    I’m bi but I am only out to a few people. I don’t think it’s as accepted as lesbianism would be. So many people don’t believe it exists. I don’t feel like fighting.

  9.  by  Sweetie

    Fuck yes. Explore your sexuality. Do it. It’s SEXY.

  10.  by  Broken

    Oh honey, I could have written this secret myself. I very nearly did.

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