5 thoughts on “It’s not that he raped me..”

  1. The thing is, he did something major to you without your permission. Just like the act itself wasn’t your fault, how you react to it isn’t your fault either. We can’t help how we feel. Please don’t blame yourself for any part of this. Regardless of how you felt or feel…you should consider talking to someone…someone you can trust. You are not warped or twisted in any way. No one else was there but you and him. No one was in your head but you so we can’t judge you. You shouldn’t judge you. You should look at your life and your responses to see how and why. Get to know yourself better. Please let someone help you with this.

  2. I’m not sure if you’re still holding onto the overall act of what was done to you or not, but if so, the guilt you have as a result of enjoying in someway the reaction of the body, which overall is involuntary may be just the thing that is holding you hostage to it all. if you can, let that go. the issue is is that you were used for someone else’s purpose, and that is never right. That you had an involuntary physical reaction versus what you think it should have been like is NOT your issue at all, it is merely a physical reaction not an emotional one, anbd should not be confused as such, as that will confuse your overall comprehension of the experience, making you the bad guy in this. You’re not. Not one bit.

  3. I was molested by my uncle and still masturbate thinking about it…it is freeing for me to take ownership of something deemed “dirty” and/or taboo. It has allowed me to have a normal and fulfilling sex life…I no longer feel guilty about what, at the time, confused and bewildered me…physical arousal is just that…we are designed to experience pleasure for the sole purpose of procreation….the human body is machine, designed for that express purpose..that you were aroused by physical stimuli is normal…not anything to be ashamed of…embrace your ability to feel pleasure…don’t allow anyone to take that away from you!!

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