I’m sorry I’m the family FUCK UP.

I'm sorry I'm the family FUCK UP.

I’m sorry I’m the family FUCK UP.

I’ll never be as good as my sister.

I know she’s their favorite and I don’t blame them.

I love them more for it.

7 Comments on “I’m sorry I’m the family FUCK UP.

  1.  by  Fullofsecrets

    I am the family fuck up. I defintely blame them. I wouldn’t be the person I am if I wasn’t used and abused by them…

  2.  by  gabi

    I stopped caring about what my parents think along time ago when I realized that my brother would always be there favorite perfect child. He does all the things they like he basically kisses theirasses. I could be standing right in front of them yelling and stomping my feet and they still wouldn’t hear more or understand me I told them I have an eating disorder and I need help they said that’s not funny to joke about then I told them I’m surious and they still dont beleive me. I’m slowly killing my self and they don’t care and I’ve stopped caring. There is one person keeping me from killing myself his life is way more fucked up then mine and he tells me that people love me especially him even if my parents don’t. My parents hate me and they don’t even know half of me they just know the good half if they knew the other I would be put in boarding school or up for adoption (possibly again). In a way I’m happy I’m there fuck up it makes me realize they can’t control me.

  3.  by  Anon

    You might feel empowered by learning about something called family systems theory. A lot of families rely on having members in different roles: the good girl, the bad boy, the smart one, the helpless one…You don’t have to stay in the role that has been assigned to you, but when you try to change, you are swimming upstream against the whole family’s need to keep all the roles the same as they have been. If you can get a good therapist who understands family systems it can really help you break free. Good luck, and remember that you probably aren’t the only one in the family who feels trapped in her role.

  4.  by  The Good Girl

    Have you ever considered that your perfect siblings are not perfect, your just making them look really good. I love the bones of my sister and just wish she could find peace. You “fuck ups” are awesome but probably, deep down, your own worst critic.

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