I’m afraid our marriage will crumble once he’s out of the army..

I'm afraid our marriage will crumble once he's out of the army..

I’m afraid our marriage will crumble once he’s out of the army because i hate when he’s home, i feel like i deserve better & im so happy when he’s not around but i do miss him…

9 thoughts on “I’m afraid our marriage will crumble once he’s out of the army..”

  1. I think your marriage has already crumbled, you need to talk to him or you need to get out!

  2. You DO deserve better. Don’t be afraid that it will crumble. Be glad. You’re miserable. Set him free to be with someone who really wants to be with him.

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  4. I loved when my wife would visit her parents for weeks at a time because then I could finally miss her. We’re divorced now. I don’t miss her anymore.

  5. I would never encourage someone to end their marriage with a faithful spouse. If you like when he’s gone, I think he’s the one who deserves better, sorry. If you miss him, there is something worth hanging onto. Tell him how you feel, and if he loves you, he will work hard to keep you.

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