4 thoughts on “I was in love with my best friend, until I found out she had sex with my step-brother.”

  1. I am probably a dope but why can’t you look at her? If you call her your best friend, it sounds as if you were in the “friend-zone” and she didn’t know you loved her. Is it your feelings about your step-brother (hatred, disgust, admiration?) that make you dispise her so much? Is it she couldn’t read your mind, no matter how obvious the situation seemed to you, and chose someone else, even if for only one time? She is still the person you fell in love with. She is still that person that you feel in “best friends” with. Talk to her!!! You will most likely severely regret throwing away a friendship; a potential partner, without even giving it a chance. Unless she knew how you felt and was committed to you; it is NOT her fault that you feel slighted. TALK to her!!!

  2. Kind of an odd reason to “not be able to look at her”. There’s no incest or abuse in the relationship, so if she really is your best friend I’d try to reconcile myself to it and love both of them. Unless the step-brother is some asshole is the reason you hate it.

  3. well, did she know you’re in love with her? was she in love with you? if you can write her off that easily for sleeping with someone who isn’t you, was she ever your friend to begin with?

  4. Last year you took Pet Pictures at my church and you did such a wroednful job. I dont think anybody was disappointed with the pictures. I have mine of my puppy sitting beside my tv so I can see it all the time. I liked you as soon as my photos came in the mail. My family is looking to do a group photo this year, sure would be nice to have a non-studio type photo.

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