I waited outside while she made love to him.

I waited outside while she made love to him.

I waited outside while she made love to him.

Now she says she loves me.

2 Comments on “I waited outside while she made love to him.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    Do you love her? Did she know you waited outside? If she did, assuming she knew how you felt, she must have hurt you quite badly. If she DIDN’T know how you felt or she was in denial, she may have realized who her true love is. That sounds a bit like a movie, but not beyond possibility. You need to talk to her, regardless how you feel…but in doing so you need to ask her to be open and honest with you…even if it hurts…hurts you or her. You also need to be as open and honest as YOU can, with her and, more important….with YOURSELF!!! There is potential for a lot of pain here but perhaps you could wind up with great joy and a real love. Honest…with the other person and with yourself is really the only way to learn what may be next. Good luck!

  2.  by  Hopeful Heather

    Before I dated him my x used to hook up with this one girl, then send her home and call me on the phone. He would hang all over her right in front of me. One time I even saw a glimpse of them hooking up while I was leaving the party. Eventually he convinced me to date him. I should have learned from his childish behavior before. He was an immature person and no matter how much he said he cared for me he would always be a child.

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