I used to dance. It made me feel FREE!

I used to dance. It made me feel FREE!

I used to Dance. It made me Feel FREE!

But the best part is I could escape myself!

I’m scared that I’ll never recover from my injury & I’ll never do the one thing I love ever again.

I wish I could escape, now more than ever before.

7 Comments on “I used to dance. It made me feel FREE!

  1.  by  Tom McG

    I have no idea what your injury is but if you work at it, you will most likely overcome it…perhaps you won’t “recover” if that word means “as good as before,” but you CAN OVERCOME it…adapt to what you have…find a way to dance, even if it is only in your head while your eyes are closed. You are SO lucky to have found a way to feel free. Focus and you WILL find another path to that glorious place!

  2.  by  Ella

    I was a professional dancer before I was diagnosed with a chronic degenerative neurological disease. I couldn’t dance for two years and was told I likely never would dance again, let alone walk. I just ran a full marathon yesterday and I dance every day and I will until my legs stop working. NEVER give up. NEVER stop trying.

  3.  by  Lauren

    I used to be a runner. It’s been four years, one month, and twelve days since my injury ended that part of my life. I don’t know how serious your injury is, or how long you’ve been injured, but I do know what you’re feeling. Running was my escape…it was the only thing I could ALWAYS rely on. It took me three and a half years to finally find acceptance. I went through depression and tried to end my life because I didn’t think I was worth anything anymore. I hope you never have to feel the way I did. I hope you recover and find a way to continue dancing for the rest of your life, but if you can’t…just know that you can still be happy. Know that if someone like me could get through it, you can too. Some people will tell you that you’ll find something else to fill that hole. If dancing is anything like running was for me, the truth is that you won’t. But that’s okay. Be open to trying new things. You could find a new path to take in life. I did, and I’m happy with where and who I am today. Always look back on your dancing and be grateful that you could have it in your life at one point in time. Find acceptance. Life will go on. I promise. Never give up on yourself or your passion.

  4.  by  Dolly

    I also was a dancer. I only felt free and happy when I was dancing. It kills me that I stopped and now after having a horrible pregnancy, my body is ruined with arthritis and back pain and now I will never be able to dance again like I used to.

  5.  by  Joe

    I felt the same way about dancing before I broke my neck. It took me years to learn how to dance in a chair. It doesn’t feel exactly the same, but I can still dance and feel free… It’s totally worth it to keep trying!

  6.  by  Cake

    This is probably the worst sounding advice you’ll hear in your life but uh…try picturing the particular area that is afflicted as functioning. Picture the area/limb as healed, functioning perfectly. If it’s legs or a spine that is injured, try picturing the snow beneath your feet, the sand between your toes, the feeling of plush grass on your soles, see the colours of the leaves beneath you, walking through these different scenes, walking just fine. Do this everyday. I wish you the best of luck. x

  7.  by  Charlotte

    I know exactly how you feel. A dancer spends her life (or his) dancing because it is who they are. I always fear, if I’m not dancing, am I still a dancer? What am I ?

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