I get drunk every weekend..

I get drunk every weekend..

I get drunk every weekend so I can forget how happy you made me.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    Why do you want to forget? That happy time is a part of you…I’ll wager a BIG part of you. The good parts of those times are something you can cherish; something that can help you grow. You are better and more complete because of such experiences in your past. If you embrace them as such, perhaps you will encounter another time of such goodness…and it may even be better because you are better. Life will improve. You can love and love life again. Good luck!!

  2.  by  Scott

    I know exactly how that feels. The good times and happy moments just makes you that much more aware of your depression. However if you just try to forget how happy you were, how will you ever be happy again. You have to feel the pain and loss before you can get over it and move on.

  3.  by  Think positive!

    These two guys are absolutely correct. Take it from me, a guy who has seen MORE than his fair share of depression and DARK DARK times. The reason you keep running into these “walls” of depressed and hopeless feeling is because you are too busy looking behind you. Start by paying attention to where you are going today. Do this for a while until that becomes the norm. Then you can start to focus on the brighter things in your future. Trust me, life is better over here.

  4.  by  Think positive!

    Sorry, i need to be more clear.. focus on the positive things in your life today.

  5.  by  SomeRandomGuy

    How come I can never see some of the secrets on this site?

  6.  by  JustAGirl

    You’re still young, you will be ok. Stop trying to numb yourself, it only works for so long. Believe me, I know.

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