6 thoughts on “I believe your cheating on me..”

  1. Sweetie, you aren’t “keeping” him lying to yourself. You really don’t have him anymore as it is. You are really only hurting yourself and hiding from the agony you know awaits you as he cheats more and more. The longer it goes on, the more it will hurt, the harder it will be to heal, and more of yourself will get lost. Please consider trying to save yourself. It is hard. It is like having a horrible hurt as you lie in bed and you fear moving because it will hurt worse. But you reach the point where you force yourself through the pain to get up and once you are upright, it is a sigh of relief and you can get about living and healing. You can do it. You are SO worth the effort!!! Believe it!!

  2. I’m in the same boat. I keep telling myself that I’m only paranoid to avoid the fighting.

  3. I stayed with someone 5 1/2 years in the same situation. I told myself it was rumor, long distance, youth, it would change when we got married. Until one day the proof was in my face & I couldn’t deny it anymore. It hurt so much, like quitting a habit, and he was really angry at me for finally leaving him. But after the tears I have never felt more free and had more fun finally being myself instead of sitting at home mopping anymore!!!

  4. Been there done that. not only was he cheating but also lying about using heroin. he eventually broke up with me

  5. i like watching her face drip with guilt, i like watching her self respect wash away. enjoying her slowly die on the inside is the most rewarding part of my low self esteem. with every lonely night i grow stronger and better. i cant bear to leave till i see her win the race to the buttom

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