I am terrified I will never be as great as my sister.

I am terrified I will never be as great as my sister.

I am terrified I will never be as great as my sister.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    But you are NOT your sister!! You are great in your own ways…allow yourself to grow into your greatness and flourish. Relish in your own magnificence!!

  2.  by  Karen DuBois

    Growing up, all I ever wanted was to be just like my older sister. When I finally spent time with her as an adult, I found out I didn’t even really like her as a person; all those wasted years striving to be somebody I didn’t even like; wow!

  3.  by  Sliz

    Growing up, I had the same problem. Then I started to be honest–brutally honest. “I’m jealous of you.” “You’re accomplishments make me kind of hate you.” “I am filled with envy over your talent.” To my surprise, she was supportive and helpful–and even confessed to sometimes feeling the same way about me! I feel so much better now.

  4.  by  felix

    Why do you have to be great, or even like your sister?

    If you feel your family ENV is somehow coercing you to do and act exactly as they say, or like a sibling in this case, without you digesting it at your own pace first, maybe it’s time to step aside and…

    Take a look at who you are, what interests you and why. I think some of us do this inventory check every now and then after coming out of auto-pilot.

    Something more. Some folks bloom to whatever they want to be early on while others bloom later. Nobody can tell you how to live your life. Greatness comes in different colors and flavors depending on who you ask.

    Take care

  5.  by  anon

    my older sister messed up her life in every way possible but i still would have traded anything to be her.. just so that i knew what it felt like to be loved by my mother

  6.  by  loa

    I’ve given up my life in order to allow my sister to have a chance at one greater than my own.

    She stopped living years ago, stopped going to school, stopped going outside. I always looked up to her, she was my hero. I thought it was my place to give her a place to stand, even if it meant using me as the lever.
    I followed her back home, and I didn’t leave. I’m still here becasue she’s still here. I can’t turn my back becasue I know she could have lived such a greater life than my own.
    I can’t convince myself that I have the right to leave.

    Know that you don’t need to be as great as her, know that you could be greater. So long as you move on you’ll have a life of your own.

  7.  by  Steph

    My sister is considered the “beauty of the family.” She always does well in whatever she tries because she works hard, socialises well and presents herself beautifully. If I tried to do the same things as her and be what she is, we would probably be always competing and I might feel the same way. My advice is to try to be valuable in different ways and take different options where that you value, and will excel at. Then there won’t be any comparison to make you embarrassed or want to compete.

  8.  by  Bell

    I grew up believing that I was meant to be like my older sister and every time I tried to meet the standards she established the goal posts would move and I would fail. It was out of my own notions of inferiority and self loathing that my own sense of identity was born. It was a hard road and I didn’t make it though without scars but I feel liberated and relieved that I no longer measure myself against her ruler. I’m aware now that I just have to strive to be the best version of myself but I couldn’t do that until I could figure out who I am to begin with.

  9.  by  Jessica

    I know what you mean. My sister is the golden child of the family, and next to her I feel rather pathetic and small….

  10.  by  Liz

    Me too. And she has been dead for ten years.

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