You stole my first kiss from me.

You stole my first kiss from me.

You stole my first kiss from me.

You almost stole my virginity.

6 Comments on “You stole my first kiss from me.

  1.  by  Alexis

    You’re so lucky that he didn’t. Mine was stolen, and it impacts me even today – 9 years later. Keep is safe, and only give it to someone you love. You are a gift.

  2.  by  I_m_not_concentrating

    Could be me, that secret. I can’t talk to him about it, but I’m still happy to be his friend. Not sure whether to be angry, or just let it go. I still love him, though.

  3.  by  anon

    He stole my first sexual encounter with a guy four years ago and i didn’t even realize that what he did was wrong until 15 days ago.. he changed my life completely and broke me in so many different ways

  4.  by  Anon

    I’m looking for posts about a first kiss getting stolen bc mine just was, she kissed me for her and my friends entertainment, she said she was going to,”make things awkward in the group.” And she was my first, kinda sucks doesn’t it?

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