4 thoughts on “When I tell my sister not to consider suicide, I feel like a hypocrite.”

  1. You are NOT a hypocrite!! The reasons you don’t want your sister not to consider suicide also apply to you, as difficult as that may seem to believe sometimes. And, my, look at the amazing courage you have…not only have you stayed…you are helping those you love to stay too. You are magnificent. Please believe it!!

  2. Tom’s right. I hope you and your sister can support each other. You are brave and sometimes it’s hard to keep going (I know…)

  3. Tom McG I really appreciate your words on here, I see them on posts that I feel that I can relate to and just reading your words, knowing that there is a kind person out there such as yourself gives me hope in humanity… and as far as hypocrite goes… you aren’t one… you understand that there is more to life weather or not you realize it… you are a worthwhile person and you know… people like us we have to stick together… become someone who can help others like us… I never realized that maybe I could actually help someone get through this until I had a class with one of my favorite high school teachers… and met a psychiatrist and went to them for the first time after I graduated… there are many different ways in which we can help other people… You can do this! I have faith in you!

  4. After he killed himself the first emotion i felt was jealousy.. that he had the balls to do it when i haden’t

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