Truth is, I have HPV and afraid of dying alone.

Truth is, I have HPV and afraid of dying alone.

I’m a 19 year old female. That dreams of being married and having kids.

Truth is, I have HPV and afraid of dying alone.

Someone bring me to life.

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  1.  by  Ashley

    I am a twenty year old female, with hpv, a son, and a soon to be hubby. Hpv is not a life threatening illness and since you are so young will probably go away before you turn 22. Just keep getting tested hon.

  2.  by  jamie

    i am 21 and i have a son, and a boyfriend, and hpv. he wasnt even the one who gave it to me. and i found out after we got together. but he is still by my side. i know how scary it can be, i think about it all the time. and im terrified that if i want to have another child, what if they get it. you need to look on the bright side, though. you’re still here, and they have treatments, and help for it. just keep getting checked, keep your chin up, and the right person will come along and love you, despite something you have no control over now, but it will get better.

  3.  by  Alexis

    I am a 28 year old female and soon to be married. My ex date-raped me, and in place of my virginity, he left me with HPV. In most women it does resolve itself, but it is still scary. Get your check-ups every year.

    Last month, I had surgery to have part of my cervix removed because of the abnormalities caused by HPV. I know that he will stand by me, but the threat of a hysterectomy is constantly hanging over my head. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive my rapist for invading my life 9 years after I left him. I don’t know if I can forgive myself for letting him get away with it.

  4.  by  Some Angel

    Do not be. You shall fin someone who is in love with you, no matter your ailments. I fell in love with a man last year, who, after having been in love with him for about a month, confessed that he had HPV. He sounded frightened and nervous when he told me, and he sounded like he was about to cry (he is a strong man whom I had never heard sound like that before). I told him, “Goodness, I love you.” I felt no shame nor disgust in his having it, and I felt my love for him grow even stronger because of his honest confession to me.

    Everything shall be alright, my dear friend. You shall see. Do not fret, and you shall find him one day.

  5.  by  Think positive!

    I am a 26 yo male and I would not let something like HPV stand in the way of the love I shared with someone. You are still really young, you have plenty of time to find the right guy for you. Don’t even worry!!

  6.  by  it will be okay

    I am 27diagnosed with HPV 2 years ago, i had surgery and have been clear for 18 months! I am married with 3 kids. hpv will not end your life and should not stop you from living it

  7.  by  Anonymouse Survivor

    I am 19 years old, I was on my second gardasil shot when I discovered I had HPV. I was diagnosed at 17. I was also casually dating a boy, who I hope to be married too within the next few years. When I told him I contracted HPV before I met him, I figured he would resent me, and that he would leave me. Two years later, I have beaten HPV. I never had an outbreak, and my cells were never declared cancerous. You are beautiful, and you are important. You will win this battle, you will find your soulmate, and you will wake up everyday feeling like you won the lottery. Don’t give up on yourself, and dont give up on others. There are respectable people out there that want to stand by you during your struggle. We are so young sweet girl, and we have many things to see and to accomplish in life. Keep your chin up, and smile beautiful. You will be fine!

    (I contracted HPV the night I lost my virginity, so I was lucky enough to know who I contracted it from, and I also used a condom. Youre not dirty because you contracted this virus, and do not let anyone tell you differently. Do not be afraid to speak out about this virus, feel empowered that you can represent women around the world, and help to educate and prevent them from contracting it too.)

    Good luck in life sweet girl, no more of these bad thoughts!<3

  8.  by  lisa

    I had the same thing happen to me. I found love. You are more than just a disease.

  9.  by  Another Survivor

    My husband gave it to me(at age 18)before they even knew how much damage it would cause. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 26 (divorced at 23) and had most of my cervix removed. Still going strong, though, and no regrets.

  10.  by  Thankful

    Thank you so much for this secret!! I am a 26yr female and have abnormal cells on my cervix from HPV. I am always worried that it’ll get worse and scared about it affecting my ability to have kids. I have to let you know though that I have an amazing boyfriend that I hope to marry. When I found out I had it I told him and cried, all he was worried about was how to make me better. You will find love, I promise. For now, I’m holding your hand in my heart.

  11.  by  Jackie

    It doesn’t change the person you are. You will find that man out there that won’t care and will take care of you. Trust me. I thought I was damaged goods, until I met my husband. We have been together for 8 years and have a beautiful daughter together. Life does go on, if you choose to live for it!

  12.  by  Crystal

    I’m 38 years old and have had HPV for years. My first daughter was born with it and it went away on its own. My 2nd daughter was born without it and I haven’t had any signs of it in years. The hardest part is telling your potential partner that you have HPV. After that, it’s the least of your worries. Oh, and all the women in my family have had cervical cancer EXCEPT ME! So, chin up….it’s a blip. Don’t let it control your outlook. You’ll have babies, a man who loves you and a normal, happy life. Believe that!

  13.  by  Danielle

    I found out i had HPV when I was 19 because I gave it to my then boyfriend…he never left me, but we did break up. I am now 24 and happily married. I am still worried about it getting worse, but my doctor says as long as I get routine paps every year I will be okay. So keep your head up, things will be alright 🙂

  14.  by  Valshshdj

    You should’ve made him wear a condom.

  15.  by  Susanne

    HPV is actually very common. 50 % of both women and men will have it at some point in their lives. The vast majority do experience symptoms and are not even aware that they have it. 90% of the time it clears up on its own within two years.

    Be sure to have regular pap smears and keep all your monitoring appointments and you will me fine.

    And Valshshjj, condoms do not provide full protection from HPV.

  16.  by  ashley

    i have hpv. i met a wonderful guy who accepted it and now we’re engaged to be married and we have a daughter together. i thought my life would be over after i found out i had it, but it’s not. you will be just fine, i promise 🙂

  17.  by  JustAGirl

    Not all people are ignorant & uneducated about HPV, find one of them & be HAPPY! It’s not a death sentence!

  18.  by  Marie

    You are not your disease. You are more than that! Stay strong because you are not alone 🙂

  19.  by  Colin Drisdelle

    More than 30 to 40 types of HPV are typically transmitted through sexual contact and infect the anogenital region. Some sexually transmitted HPV types may cause genital warts. Persistent infection with “high-risk” HPV types—different from the ones that cause skin warts—may progress to precancerous lesions and invasive cancer.^””

    Be well

  20.  by  Molly

    I am 41 and have hpv- it does not discriminate- Virgin or not. There are treatments & frequent- tests – I’m happily married and have children – my life is as normal as anyone’s.
    There’s a vaccine now – pity it wasn’t around in 1990.
    Chin up!

  21.  by  Benay

    I was just told I have hpv as well. That a few abnormal cells were found on my cervix. I’m going to get the next test Thursday. I’m praying for the best out come. To be told I have hpv I don’t have any symptoms of infection that I knew of. I had no colds or anything that made me think I have a cold. What sent me in to get a paps was abnormal bleeding in Jan. I was put on hormonal pill for a week, in which the bleeding finally ended! So then the paps revealed that. I went in to a deep depression for a week. I couldn’t eat, sleep, focus, on nothing but death, and dying. It’s scared me sooooo much. Then to know there’s no cure. The way i was told by my Drs asst was cruel she was basically yelling over the phone, “there’s no cure, you have to keep ur immune system up” and going on about all these bad things! I’m like well what was found??? Anyways I’m scared, but praying. I’m very close to The Lord JESUS. I’m closer now then ever, which it shouldn’t take this to be closer. We all should be close no matter what to the Lord! So I hope all went well for u. It’s on going things all the time to cope with. Give it to God I am too! Amen

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