People thank me for my service as an army combat medic..

People thank me for my service as an army combat medic..

People thank me for my service as an army combat medic but don’t know that most of the lives I saved were the enemies.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    Please take heart in what you did. You were there to help our soldiers when necessary but you were able to reinforce what I believe is the American spirit and ideal…that we wish to make the WORLD a better place. By trying to live by the Golden rule I believe makes each person a little better regardless of the circumstances. Who knows? Perhaps you saved the life of someone who will go on to end this mess because of your kindness. Thank you very much for your service…but thank you more for your courage and fortitude. You are a far, far better person than I am…one that I can aspire to be a bit more like.

  2.  by  Christina

    Well- now I know, and still, I say “Thank you very much for your service”

  3.  by  adrian

    their lives are worth just as much as anyone elses

  4.  by  Gina

    You saved lives. Be proud of that because that is what is important.

  5.  by  mark

    Thank you for your service, sir. All soldiers are equals, as we are all humans in that situation caught up in a conflict that is not of our making, nor one we would choose to undertake under normal circumstances. They might never know it, but their families, like those of American families owe you a worl fo gratitude, and I thank you for that.

  6.  by  bc

    from a veteran to a veteran,
    Thank you for your service. When we volunteer we agree to do what is asked of us, no matter what our believes are we just do it. Be proud of what you did, as we salute you for saving lives, and serving the best country in the world. The United States of America !

  7.  by  kj

    Please, don’t ever feel badly about saving a life. What you do is heroic, no matter which side of the conflict your patient was once on. Thank you for your service.

  8.  by  Josh

    As a fellow Army combat medic, dont worry that they don’t know. THEY wouldn’t understand. You have done what few others in this country have. You have seen the world in a new light. Keep your head up and your aid bag stocked. ~CAV SCOUT MEDIC

  9.  by  Teresa E

    life is precious… no matter who’s life it is. Be proud of your service and for the courage to serve those that hate us. It is a much better way to win then to hate them back.

  10.  by  christy

    you didn’t save enemies, you saved human beings.

  11.  by  It's Me Corry

    I now know. I understand. Stand proud. You are my hero. God bless you, and thank you for your service.

  12.  by  Pen

    Thank you for a job well done. Compassion is learned by experiencing it from others. Your example will not be forgotten.

  13.  by  This is my secret....

    To the 13 People who commented…wow and thanxs~ SoldierGirl

  14.  by  selfpsycho

    a life is a life, as a medic your job it to preserve all life, not just that of a current ally , all life is good and saving lives is therefore good no matter whos live you saved

  15.  by  Sacrifice

    Coming from a soldier’s wife, thank you.

  16.  by  Ella

    All lives are equally valuable. Thank you for your service, you’re a hero in my eyes.

  17.  by  JustAGirl

    There needs to be more people in this world like you.

  18.  by  Heather

    I agree, more people in this world who were like you and maybe we wouldn’t see as much combat as we do. You’re my hero for saving a human life in the face of worrying about others views. Strong person, you are! Keep up your morals, we need people like you.

  19.  by  Heather

    Just remember honey.. they are protecting their rights and families, just as you are protecting yours.. You arent fighting bin laden.. they are you.. on opposite forms.. and their families thank you for saving them.. as do we. <3

  20.  by  A friend

    We are all precious in His sight. Thank you for your service.

  21.  by  Steph

    And it’s fucked up you shouldn’t be thanked and respected for it. I mean, no doubt a lot were civilians. I assume. I don’t mean to even say the civilian lives are more important than the enemy soldiers’ lives, either. They are just lives. Hello? Hello? Does anyone recognise they are PEOPLE’S LIVES?

  22.  by  Laura

    I think the fact that you saved the lives of human beings even though they were “enemies” makes your service even more heroic. Thank you.

  23.  by  Kevin

    You saved lives, you did your job. All that matters.

    Besides, how many of those enemies went back home and told the story of the enemy that saved their life ?

  24.  by  Etavargga

    I happily agree with all of the above. Thank you for your service as an army combat medic.

  25.  by  Kitten

    Thank you for your service. Your bravery and actions are inspiring. You didn’t just do your job, you went above and beyond and performed what should be done by all humanity, helping people who need it. My love and respect to you.

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