I’m scared to lose weight.

I'm scared to lose weight.

I’m scared to lose weight.

Because I’m afraid to find out that boys still DON’T LIKE ME.

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  2.  by  Tom McG

    Sweetie, boys won’t be able to help but to like you. Obviously not ALL boys but, for the most part, boys you would like to like you. The mere fact you are concerned about how you present yourself and whether you are likeable suggests you will be fine. It is only those people that can’t consider that they may have quirks that no one can like. Losing weight and changing you life is a huge mountain to climb; it is hard, scary, at times seemingly hopeless…but worth it. If you really want to do it…you can and you will be fine! I promise

  3.  by  ohheywhatsup

    Oh, baby, it’s not about boys liking you, it’s about YOU liking you! Not only that, but any boy worth having would like you no matter what your weight.
    I spent awhile accepting my body, most girls do. You are neither alone nor ugly ^_^

  4.  by  SecretShame

    I am afraid to lose weight because I’m worried that once I start I won’t know when to stop and I’ll end up sick like my mom who is anorexic. I look at skinny girls and pick out their flaws because I am ashamed of my own.

  5.  by  Lose Some Weight Here

    I am not to sure how old you are but if you can try not to think about boys girls cats dogs mice people, you are you and that is what you need to master first do that and then boys,girls,people, are just that boys,girls,people but you well you are yourself, no one can take that away from you, but you can share it with others. Amy

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