If you ever leave me, I may kill myself.

If you ever leave me, I may kill myself.

I love you so much, if you ever leave me, I may kill myself because there will never be another person like you..

…but at the same time, I’m scared that if I tel you your best friend raped me, you’ll choose him over me.

6 Comments on “If you ever leave me, I may kill myself.

  1.  by  asdfjkl

    Tell him, there is no point in holding the hurt from that inside. It will only get worse, if left unsaid. If he does not believe you or if he leaves you, then he was not worth it. You deserve to be with someone who will believe your words no matter what.

  2.  by  Mason

    I agree with the other two posts…you definitely need to tell him. If he really loves you, he’ll support you and help you recover from this. You were a victim of a violent crime, don’t feel ashamed of yourself for it. If anything, your boyfriend/husband needs to know who his so-called “friend” really is and you need to know where his priories lie…with you or with the best friend. If with the friend, then you can and WILL find a better man for you because you deserve it.

  3.  by  AninOnin

    I’ll make you a deal…
    If you tell, I’ll tell. Okay?
    ([email protected])

  4.  by  1

    tell him! he should know who his “friend” is

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