I wish I could punch/kick every Jesus Freak out there..

I wish I could punch/kick every Jesus Freak out there..

I wish I could punch/kick every Jesus Freak out there because their constant babble about how great GOD is makes me want to puke.

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  1.  by  Barb

    They don’t mean to be irritating. When you find someone who loves you no matter what and helps you through every battle in life you can’t help but be happy. Knowing GOD doesn’t mean that you don’t have any battles, but you have a dearest friend to help you through. Why be so angry about that? He is there for everyone, even those who scream they don’t need Him. If you ever need someone give Him a chance.

  2.  by  Bible Thumper

    The people who denounce God, such as Saint Peter, are the ones who need Him the most.

  3.  by  martin

    there is nothing in this post that denounces anyones God. So all you religious zelots out there think before you post. You cannot force a belief system on anyone and you do a great disservice to your own when you try. I do not know what this poster’s beliefs are, what I do get and agree with is that they should be allowed to come to them on their own.

  4.  by  Sarah

    I know the feeling. Funny thing is, I am a christian, but I hate the fact of how some of them think that it’s okay to go off and try and inform every person about THEIR religion. It makes me feel like I am a part of an ignorant group. Other people have a right to be themselves and lead their own lives with their own religions. I am so sorry you feel this way because what they’re doing actually creates the opposite effect for most people. Please just know that not all christians are ‘Jesus Freaks’ and some feel the same way that you do.

  5.  by  Barb

    While I don’t think that anyone should be obnoxious with celebrating Christ in their life, Sarah we are called to be a light for the cause of Christ. Living, especially in America, we have many rights, as a human following God isn’t about rights, it’s a choice. While yes everyone not only has a choice, but makes the choice, we are to be a light. Sometimes a soft light sometimes strong, but still a light. This isn’t a social issue, but an eternal heart issue & salvation issue. If our walk with Christ doesn’t touch our lives and others we must seek to go deeper.

  6.  by  g

    They bug me too, but wow, your so HOSTILE!

  7.  by  Anon

    Every Christian I’ve ever met has in some way made me feel greatful I’m not a Christian too.

  8.  by  deformedlizards

    I am not a christian. however, christianity is a beautiful religion. I admire it similar to a work of art. i think it’s a beautiful thing for those who seek peace in their life, but it is not the only religion in the world that offers peace to its followers. I think the most important thing to do is to take a step back and look at the beauty of someone else’s beliefs. being an atheist, I have been told many times that I am going to hell or purgatory or what have you for not believing in the christian god. when this has happened, I must admit to being upset that they would say anything like that because I know the christian concept of hell. I know what they are talking about. At the same time, I am almost appreciative that they speak up about it even in a negative because I think it shows that they have found peace in their life and that they want others to feel the same peace: They want others to see the error of their ways so they can see them in heaven. because if they really wanted me to go to hell, they would’ve kept silent and let me do whatever it was I was doing. I really don’t see any reason to be hostile. People are people. Religion is a vehicle of peace and love and purpose for people around the world. my belief is that there is beauty in that alone.

  9.  by  Westerly

    People who believe in God talk about him because we can’t help but share the love we feel. How much must we hate someone not to share the kingdom of Heaven with them? How selfish would I be if I didn’t share the joy I feel everyday with people I meet. Now I don’t go around throwing God in people’s faces, but I just hope everyone sees how much joy I find in the Lord, that way when they ask me why I’m so happy, or what’s different about me I can answer that its Jesus Christ.

  10.  by  Barb

    I agree Westerly, thank you for your post. I know that some who call themselves christian’s can be extremely arrogant, rude or down right mean. That’s because they forget the one they say they follow. God’s basic rule is love. People’s actions don’t negate who God is. Ignore those kind and seek Christ. I wish people knew how real and kind he is, I wish the obnoxious examples would hush, he’s not some distant higher power or long ago fable, but so precious.

  11.  by  anon

    my LACK of faith in god is the only reason i didn’t commit suicude

  12.  by  James

    I agree with this postsecret.The religious can be highly annoying when trying to inform you of their god.Why can’t you just let people believe as they wish without telling them that they’re going to hell or that what they believe is wrong.I don’t need to rely on a god to find peace.I now have more peace that i don’t believe anymore.I don’t feel guilty for doing things that religion deems wrong when in actuality,they’re not wrong at all.I find peace within myself,not with some god.

  13.  by  Barb

    Because God isn’t a feeling, he’s real.
    Yes, I have known many religious arrogant people, so did Jesus while he walked the earth, he couldn’t stand their attitude and neither can I. I believe without a doubt that he is real and all that he said. I don’t know you, but I care and I don’t want you to go to hell. That is another reason we talk of him. God is real, he created us and he loves us. Anyone who loves you enough to die for you is worth getting to know.

  14.  by  pwb

    Gandhi said something like “I like your Christ, but not your Christians” or words to that effect.

  15.  by  Ryleigh

    Barb, saying God is real is great… for YOU. But for those who don’t believe in him, you trying to talk about him to “save” us from Hell isn’t going to work. We’re not going to believe He exists anymore than you’re going to believe He doesn’t. Also, I get that you want to “share your joy” but not believing in God, does not mean that we’re unhappy by any means.

  16.  by  JustAGirl

    You don’t have to agree with anyones religion, but you do need to respect their choice.

  17.  by  Barb

    Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t make him not there. Believing in God gives you the responsibility to follow Him, the will of the flesh fights that. While I respect the choice of each one, God is the one who gaves us that choice, I can not be silent. I must at least mention Jesus Christ,except a man be born again he can not see heaven. Hell is real and forever, I will pray that you see, He’s not a figment of our imagination but an eternal reality. All you have to do is seek Him.

  18.  by  James

    Just because you believe in god doesn’t mean he’s there either.I used to believe in god,for 18 years in fact.Did i hear from him once?No,i did not.He never relayed any messages to me nor did he answer any prayers.One day,i realised that i was talking to myself all those years and that if i truly wanted something in life that i would have to rely on myself to get things accomplished and not rely on some deity.Also,why do christians always feeld the need to tell others that their beliefs and theirs alone are the correct ones and that if we don’t believe in them that we will suffer in hell for all of eternity.You don’t seem me going around and saying “Hey man,i know you believe in god but you’re wrong and here’s why,you better believe me or i.will torture you.”If someone truly wants to find god then they can and will do their own research and come to their own conclusions.Trying to tell someone that they’re wrong and are going to burn in hell for not holding the same beliefs as you is off-putting and non -beneficial to your cause.You can’t threaten someone into belief,it just doesn’t work.Even if it did,fear is absolutely the wrong reason to believe something.I respect your right to believe as you wish,we just ask that you would respect ours and do the same.I never tell people what i belive unless they ask,i push my beliefs on no one and normally only share when asked what i believe.

  19.  by  Barb

    God does speak and He does answer prayers. Like I said, we know He’s real, His love and compassion is real and we know heaven and hell are real, there fore we speak. He doesn’t always answer in our timing, but He answers. Maybe He did speak, maybe it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, that happens too. But He still loves you, I pray that you find Him.

  20.  by  James

    No he doesn’t and no he doesn’t.He’s not real,just like Allah,Zeus,Wotan,Thor,Mithra or and other god man has worshiped throughout human history,they’re all made up because people need meaning in their life and want answers to what happens after we die.Religion satisfies the curiosity’s.No,Heaven and Hell are real either.It’s just a reward/punishment system set up based on fear.Be good go to heaven,but if you don’t believe in my version of a god then you will burn in hell forever!He doesn’t answer in our timing because he doesn’t answer at all.He doesn’t love me.He loves me about as much as my pet Unicorn loves you,which is zero because neither are real.Pray all you want,i can’t find what’s not there.

  21.  by  Barb

    You’re wrong sir He loved you more than His own life, and He still does. Religion fails, people fail us, but Jesus never fails. He has healed me, I have seen Him heal others and He guides me in life constantly and correctly. That doesn’t mean I don’t make mistake or that life isn’t painful, it was painful for Him too. Don’t give up on Him because of people, He won’t give up on you. I have been where you are before, hurt and angry, and if it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t have made it. You can reject Him if you insist, but you will have lost the best friend you will ever know, along with Life. Yes I will pray, pray that you feel His love, the knowing that He is there for you.

  22.  by  James

    Again,a non-existent being can’t love anyone.Thor loves you,more than you know.I have seen Thor heal people and i just know that he’s real.See how absolutely ridiculous that sounds?Don’t assume for one minute that you know where i am.I am neither hurt nor angry.In fact,i am far more happy then when i was religious.Religion teaches that you are worth nothing and that you’re inherently flawed and that you should ask some deity to make you whole in order to feel good about yourself.Well,i don’t need to attempt to appease some god to be happy in life.I make my own happiness.And you can reject Thor.He’s a nice guy,you should really just give him a chance.Again,pray until you’re blue in the face if you want,you can do as you wish.But the fact remains that it will have absolutely zero effect.

  23.  by  Barb

    Ok I will 🙂 I know of no one who’s life has been touched by a thor, but I know many who’s lives have been healed, touched, loved and changed by God. If you never allow yourself to see how much He loves you it won’t be because God and someone didn’t fight for you. Though His love is endless and He doesn’t give up on you easily.

  24.  by  Steph

    Occultism is my religion.

    In my experience with Him, He probably agrees with you.

  25.  by  Genes

    It’s never ok to impose your belief on anyone. As a Christian, when something great happens in my life, I like to the thank the One that made it happen. When I talk about Jesus to others it’s like me saying, “I love this peace or happiness so much, I can’t wait to tell you about it! I feel like you’re missing out on this great thing!”
    If the person is genuine, it should never feel like they are trying to persuade u in any way. 🙂

    But seriously, God is love! What could be better than that!? 😉

  26.  by  Maya

    My best friend is what you would call a ‘Jesus Freak’ (I just call him a hypocrite because I know what he’s really like). I understand how you feel because I am a Christian and I haven’t been to church in a long time. Sometimes I just don’t wanna hear about Jesus from people who I know for sure aren’t living their lives right themselves. All I can really say is that I’m not nearly as close to God as I should or want to be (and as of late I haven’t even been trying) but I know He loves everyone and He loves you too.

  27.  by  BoomKing

    I was raised in a strict evangelical Christian household. I know the Bible that the back of my hand. I was made to read it continuously when I was a child, so it is always funny when a christian tries to share “the good word” with me and get so many tenets of their own belief wrong.I don’t subscribe to that belief because, well, it is crazy. But while you are on the inside it doesn’t seem so. It’s like having a shared schizophrenic delusion with a large group of people. It is their reality. It doesn’t pay to argue with a christian, because their beliefs are not based on facts or evidence or logic–the basic tenets of productive argument. They will cite their beliefs as facts and completely ignore anything you have to say. In fact they are taught to act this way. Most of the things they say, though, come from a good place and I know that they are trying to help me in their own convoluted way. So, I just nod and smile and walk away.

  28.  by  Ben

    I always wish Christians could imagine a country where almost everyone except them believed a giant head of lettuce created the universe and was the key to salvation. These people looked down on you when you didn’t believe in the giant head of lettuce. they told you over and over again about the giant head of lettuce and how important it was to believe in it. they prayed to the giant head of lettuce before eating without asking you if that was okay. they said pledges to the giant head of lettuce. they said the country was founded on the strength of the giant head of lettuce. they complained bitterly about the giant head of lettuce not being talked about enough in school. and they said our country’s only hope is to pray to the giant head of lettuce. i wonder how christians would like to live in that country. That’s how I as an atheist feel about living in America, especially in the South.

  29.  by  BoomKing

    Well put, Ben. I coudn’t have said it better myself.

  30.  by  Aimee

    I wish I could punch/drop kick every arrogant ass who makes the assumptions that all Christians and believers in what ever religion they want are to hardcore of believers. You believe in what ever the hell you want to and leave it at that.

  31.  by  Etavargga

    Woooww this brought up the comments. Yeah, fuck the Christians (I’m sorry- fuck all religious followers) who can’t stop mentioning their BS, like beliefs about all powerful invisible figures that do nothing are normal.

  32.  by  chachkimooch

    I’ll have to agree with the poster here. When people refer to ‘God’ as ‘The Lord’ it raises the hackles on the back of my neck. There is no way to argue with a religious zealot. For me, the whole concept of religion comes with a HUGE taint. There are so many heinous crimes committed in the name of one’s religion it’s sickening! Even in this ‘enlightened’ age, There are STILL people killing and maiming each other over opposing religious beliefs! Why is that? Why do people feel the NEED to hurt each other simply because they believe in different gods? I will NEVER, EVER understand this! It seems to me that religion is just a way for a few of the ‘chosen ones’ to control the beliefs and freedoms of a vast number of people who’re ready and willing to give up control of their lives, and follow blindly wherever they’re led. Let’s face it, it’s easier to not have to think about the consequences of one’s actions when one is just following orders, right?

  33.  by  Ann

    Not every God is the Lord, only Jesus. Anyone killing or maiming aren’t doing it for Christ, but some other god,(or their own warped egos) even if they call it christian. Jesus expects compassion. Hitler called himself a christian, he was a murderous, self-absorbed lunatic. Christian isn’t a title it’s a way of life. The battle rages, because it started way before us, will not finish with just us. The rage that wars in you against christian’s will rage against you some day, don’t let it consume you.
    Just dead religion may be easy, I don’t know, but a relationship with Christ isn’t always easy. You have to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Him. The battle is between your will and what is right, not hurting other people.

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