I wish everyone sees in a blur.

I wish everyone sees in a blur.

I wish everyone sees in a blur.

Or that I could always wear a mask.

So they wouldn’t have to see how ugly I am.

6 Comments on “I wish everyone sees in a blur.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    I will wager you are far from ugly. Just by your tone and your words, one can tell you are NOT ugly. Ugliness comes from within. The fact you fret about this, look at a site like this one, and wrote your secret in tells me you are quite beautiful. It is your spirit and your drive that makes you so. Ask people you love. They can see your beauty. They get to revel in knowing you and receiving your love.

  2.  by  mark

    like Tom says above,beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I’ll bet that soemone out there sees you as very beautiful indeed. You just need to open your eyes to see them see you.

  3.  by  Angie

    I’m crying because you feel like this. I’m crying because I feel the same way. I’m crying because of the beautiful comments left by wonderful strangers.

  4.  by  Mr/s

    How do you know everyone doesn’t see in a blur and in reality your the beautiful one? ^.^ Logic

  5.  by  Cake

    You sound intelligent by the way you express yourself, I bet you’re really hot, coming from a woman here, sorry I’m not a guy.

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