I wanted to post a secret.

I wanted to post a secret.

I wanted to post a secret.

But people say such hateful things.

Part of me is scared of what they might say.

3 Comments on “I wanted to post a secret.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    You should try to post a secret, even if it is a “little” one. It might not even make the posting. If it does, take heart. The hateful ones are not real, they are just people venting at themselves. So many wonderful souls take the time and trouble to really speak to you; share with you. It helps…it really does. Like any good relationship, the good comes with the bad but the good is SO worth it…it far outweighs the bad. Please take heart and post. It may make you stop crying inside, it may make you smile, or it may save your life.

  2.  by  Brandon

    GO FOR IT!!! dont take life forgranted! live it to the fullest you got this

  3.  by  Valshshdj

    Well…you just did dumbass! How’s that for a self-fulfilling prophecy?

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