I used to love her.

I used to love her.

I used to love her. She’s the most beautiful girl i know.

I promised not to hurt her.

Now I dont know if I still do.

I suck at keeping promises.

6 Comments on “I used to love her.

  1.  by  Jane

    you may be hurting her more by pretending you still do. Be honest with her. It is the only way to bring happiness to both your lives.

  2.  by  Melissa T

    I think the trick to life long love isn’t to fall in love once and stay that way but to keep choosing to fall in love with the same person over and over again.

  3.  by  Al

    Think about the reasons why you loved her in the first place, imagine you don’t have her around anymore, would you miss her? if these thought sort of renew your feelings, it’s just a hard phase, you just need to try harder; if they don’t change the way you feel at all, then do her a kindness, tell her the truth, let her hate you for a while, hurt her, so she can move on. She will get over you and realize that not trying to be the “good guy” on the story helped her find someone else and won’t hold any grudge with time. If you live the lie, then you will eventually feel the need to get out of it and you will hurt her anyway, but in stead of hurting her with truth, you will hurt her with lies, and she will hold that against you and all men. Don’t do that to everyone.

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