I never cared about my virginity.

I never cared about my virginity.

I never cared about my virginity.

Until I lost it to you.
Now I want it back.

6 Comments on “I never cared about my virginity.

  1.  by  lilah tov

    I am also worried that I regret never caring who I lost mine to. I lost it with a guy who then ignored me afterwards, it hurt a lot. Now I wish I never rushed into it and waited for someone I loved

  2.  by  Ivy

    The sad thing is that I was happy to be a virgin. This was something I was very proud of, I didn’t want to just lose it with any random guy who I didn’t really love me. The sad thing is that my virginity was lost by a stranger who raped me at a party. No matter what this will always be there as a scar that never healed…=(

  3.  by  lilah tov

    I am so sorry, that is horrible. Rape is just wrong all together but for it to happen on your first time is even worse. You cannot let that stop you from having romantic relationships though otherwise he has won. My friend did this and she never fully healed, which is to be expected but even now she cannot even bring herself to think of talking to guys let alone having sex with them. All I see is misery when I look at her and I feel so terrible. She is getting better now though that she is seeing someone and actually talking to people about what happened to her.

  4.  by  Alexis

    Ivy, I am in a similar position, but mine was date-rape. Nine years later, and I still haven’t forgiven him for stealing my virginity. I’m beginning to wonder if I ever will. I have a wonderful relationship now, but the memories still lurk in my mind, especially now. My rapist gave me HPV, and I had part of my cervix removed a month ago as a result. But sometimes I wonder, as much as I can’t forgive him, can I ever forgive myself? Could I have prevented it? I’m not sure that there is any way to tell.

  5.  by  real

    on behalf of all wanna be good guys out here.To(lilah tov Ivy Alexis#) SORRy these actions happen to YOU.forgiveness is not not about that person, if they raped u to hell with a skewer they they go.to forgive is about not being stuck to the trauma of moment.I hope hope happiness peace an justice to u all.learn an grow.

  6.  by  Kate

    I cared a lot about my virginity, lost it to someone I really cared about. it’s been 3 days now and I haven’t heard from him.

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