20 thoughts on “I don’t want to grow old…”

  1. Dude I know everyone says that it gets better but it honestly will. You’re going to be okay. Just keep waking up every morning and show up for life and I promise you it will get better. You can always end it but you can never come back.

  2. I’m 38. My 20 year reunion is this year. If you could be where I am now and see that all the people that were so cool once or so mean once…they are getting fat and old and bald and have a bunch of kids that they wish they’d waited to have…on the other hand alot of those same people that were real jerks grew up and are great people now. People change so much and so will you! High school is just practice. All the fun stuff that you will look back on happily is coming up in your 20’s and 30’s. Don’t miss out!

  3. This is exactly how I felt when I was a senior. I’m 20 now, and I still wish every single day that I could go back..

  4. It really does get better. I felt this way and had no plans to live because it was just too hard. I’m 22 and things just keep getting better very year. Now I can’t wait to get old and sit on a porch drinking with my friends.

  5. My best friend didn’t. She died a week after her 17th birthday. She never graduated. She never lost her virginity. She never went to prom. She never went to college. She never traveled, fell in love, married, lived on her own, or died with loved ones surrounding her. She was hit by a car on her way to school. Her parents were broken, and have never been the same. Then again, neither have I.

    There are people to help you. Find them. There is so much more to life that this brief moment.

  6. How could you say that? High school is nothing. Im 21 now and life gets better every day. College is a blast, high school was so lame compared to it. College is like high school on steroids you got to try it 🙂 talk to someone if you are struggling. I couldnt see past high school when i was a senior and now im so glad i waited around to see what was next. So much independence, parties, awesome friends.

  7. Don’t give up! It was the best decision I ever made. Things do get better. They did for me!

  8. Most people have read your post and seen you as someone who feels hopeless. I think you feel like your high school years are your best years. If this is true, I want you to know that you are so wrong. High school is not the best time of your life, and anyone who tells you it is is not really living. Graduate, get out of your hometown, and do all the crazy things you want to do because, once your an adult, you can, and it’s great!

  9. I felt the same way at one point, but now that I look back I’m glad I didn’t off myself… Life gets so much better after high school, yes there are still mean people out there but that’s going to happen no matter what… but people grow up a lot after high school, one of the kids in high school that wouldn’t even look at me we talk all of the time now… I promise after high school things get tons better, and you meet a lot of better people when you’re done. I can promise you that!

  10. I felt the same way – and I almost didn’t live past it either.

    I’m 26 now, and memories of horrible days – teasing, cruelty, etc. – still haunt me every single day.

    The difference is now, I have a solid foundation base.

    High school is a joke. No one I am good friends with even really liked it. Stick it out, graduate – then take off! I travelled for 3 weeks after. Even if you can’t afford to go somewhere, buy a monthly bus pass, stay at cheap hostels, and just go.

    Everyone says it gets better – IT DOES! I won’t promise it won’t be easy, but stick around and judge for yourself 🙂

  11. I want there to be a pause and rewind button in life. I don’t want to live past high schools ethier I love people at my school and their the only ones keeping me alive. I can’t imagine life without them even the ones I’ve talked to once. They don’t realize that without them I would be dead. They can live without me and go on I hate them for that. I’ve always wanted to be a mom and get married and go to college and have fun there but without these people I know I can’t. Whenever there’s a good moment in my life and my best friends arms are around me and were laughing so hard we could die i don’t want it to ever end its the only time I feel safe and loved.

  12. I’m scared of being old and ugly and that I wont ever be happier or prettier than I am now. Find people to grow old with 🙂 then you won’t feel so alone.

  13. i felt the same in HS.. now.. WOW.. i realize life isnt about name calling & stupid drama! its not about making your parents happy.. or doing what your best friend wants!! its about being YOU and being loved for it!! its about getting a cat, and walking the dog.. working your ass off, but not having a car payment when the people around you do! Its about buying a house, when others are renting! YOU HAVE SOOOOO GOT THIS!! I promose you.. highschool SUCKS BIG BALLS, but after, is so very sweet! <3

  14. i don’t know you, but i send you my love. all i have. i want more for you than to stay alive, i want you to truly live, and find joy in living. and i believe that you will.

  15. I Had the same idea dead before 18. Well after 2 accidental overdoses, 2 intended overdoses, getting shot, and stabbed i am still here. I am 21 now and i have managed to kill myself twice and twice they have brought me back. now i have no purpose or meaning because i assumed i would be dead. Everyday i now wish i would have tried to live my life because now i am stuck and i know it is because i made the choice you are making now. Find something that you love and hold on to it, make life worth it.

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