I am sick of people being left behind and mistreated..

I am sick of people being left behind and mistreated..

I wish Revolution would come.

I am sick of people being left behind and mistreated because they are not part of the “Upper Class”.

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  1.  by  Jeanette

    I hear you bro, I can’t wait to see this country go up in riots. Unfortunatly it will probably only rattle the “1%” as they’re calling them now.

  2.  by  A Friend

    I live in hope that one day, people will realise how unequal people are, and we won’t have to resort to riots and violence in order to restore the balance. Whether I’m just a fool idealist remains to be seen.

  3.  by  Terri McNeill

    Thanks for saying something nobody has the B@#LS but i time for everybody to take a stand

  4.  by  Jeanette

    A great president once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.” As much as I wish we could go the way of Mohandas Gandhi, the government is making reasonable requests impossible. I just hope there’s dancing when it comes…

  5.  by  Robert

    And how many people will be mistreated during the “glorious revolution”? I hear so much about tearing down the system. And then what? Will we have anarchy? How long will we tolerate chaos in the streets? When the ‘newly liberated’ people cry out against the chaos and demand security, who will step forward and provide it? Are you so sure that the new order will be so kind and benevolent once they hold the power?

    “You can never have a revolution in order to establish a democracy. You must have a democracy in order to have a revolution.”
    -G.K. Chesterton

    “Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny. They have only shifted it to another shoulder.”
    -George Bernard Shaw

  6.  by  Brandon

    I am on the same page as you all, i strongly believe that this world is slowly going to fall apart as it is now. People gotta stand up n take a stand for whats right

  7.  by  Jeanette

    To Robert:

    I understand where your coming from, and you seem like a very intelligent person. I just see it as we can’t sit around and do nothing about the hate, the intolerance, the abuse of power; do you really think they tell everything on the national news? They catch your attention for months with some missing white girl drama while innocent ‘outcasts’ are proscecuted, beat, raped, and killed. Often by the very people hired to protect them. There is such thing as propaganda. And for the record; I’m not an over-zealous black girl exaggerating what I heard from someone who heard it from someone else; I’m educated in modern politics and research my facts throughly.

  8.  by  Sienna

    I think it’s great that people think this way, but I urge you to not keep this a “secret.” You should openly tell everyone. You should do something. We need to start the revolution ourselves, because no one else will. Less talk, more action. That goes for all of us.

  9.  by  Barb

    In humanity there is always someone who wants to be in power, so if your revolution comes the controllers will just change names that’s all. Plenty of people come from hard situations and pull themselves up, it takes a lot of prayer and work. This is still the best nation, where you have a chance to dream and do. We don’t need a nation that has total governmental control where every one is as ‘equal’ as the goverment ‘allows’. A socialist government chokes the soul of a nation.

  10.  by  Anonymous

    Start by not voting for the two main candidates, they are controlled by the same people. Do not vote for the “lesser of the two evils”. We cannot keep doing the same things we have always done and expect change. Be proactive. Stand up and fight for what you believe in.

  11.  by  JustAGirl

    There are millions of people who are mistreated on this Earth, I’m glad you see that, many are blind.

  12.  by  anon

    I’m not the upper class. I have always been part of the upper-lower class (or lower middle class, however you want to look at it). I have never felt disadvantaged or discouraged due to my (or my family’s) lack of wealth.

    My mother lived far below the poverty line when she first came to this country. She worked as hard as possible, and after many years now holds a respectable job with the government.

    I think the self-entitlements of my generation are what are truly leading this country to ruin…

  13.  by  Give Me a Break

    I’m tired of fuckers like you who think they deserve part of what I’ve busted my ass to get and who aren’t capable of realizing you live in a fucking paradise compared to the conditions people have lived in for the entire rest of human history. Come and try to take it from me, you mother fucker.

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