12 thoughts on “I am only your friend because i pity you.”

  1. Oh shut the fuck up and admit that nobody else likes you, and that’s why you’re friends.

  2. This is one of the truly beautiful things in life lol because we have all been in this position, but we all feel like were the only one who does this. Keep strong, they appreciate you for taking the time to be with them. And remember, some1 may be feeling the same way about you. Those that have no friends idolize those that do. And those that do, idolize those with quiet time.

  3. I have to wonder if you could try to look beyond the pity, whether you find substance there. After all, you pity others and don’t take the time and effort to be their friends, do you. It seems as if there HAS to be something else there; more to the connection than it immediately obvious. If the entire connection was based upon your pity, wouldn’t you just tire of it and throw the friend to the wolves?
    Also, please allow me to apologize for “The Dude.” Apparently totally insensitive, immature morons can learn to type!

  4. Are there not admins around here?!? Someone get on this, please. I’ve seen too many rude, insensitive, and despicable comments from ‘the dude’ to not say something.

  5. Hillary, what if you looked at your friends REALLY hard. Do you think that any of your actual friends could be writing this card? I would bet not. For you to wonder if this is about you, you must have friends. If you can look at them closely, you will see that if they ARE friends, then this card isn’t about you. My guess is there is something deep inside you that causes you to worry if you are to be pitied. Find that part, find out why it is hurting, and sooth it. You are NOT someone who needs or deserves “mercy” friends. You are too complex and beautiful for that!!

  6. I know how that feels and I had to cut off the person completely in order to live a happy life, because seriously I can’t be friends if I always feel pity for a person. This can only go on for so long

  7. I don’t know if it’s because I have trust issues, or my insticts were actually true, but I felt that way with a friend of mine for a VERY long time. And it’s incredibly painful and hurtful to have someone in your life who is only your friend because they pity you. It’s a terrible feeling, and it doesn’t matter the reason you do it. It hurts more than telling truth.

  8. I would just like to say that I feel that this is all of my friends. That I do not have friends you like me for me but because they think I need a “friend”. And guess what I have cried myself to sleep for the past week thinking about this and have had panic attacks. I don’t think this is the place to share this but I needed to say it out loud to something where I don’t feel pitied

  9. To be completely honest, I always thought that my closest friends would never betray me no matter how many arguments we got into but recently I’ve had a lot to think about and I knew most of my flaws and I know that I’m socially awkward and I don’t know exactly how to make friends and I have a short temper and everybody hates that and sometimes I feel so sensitive that I just want to burst and tell them everything I feel. And so I decided to but….. No matter what I told them all they said was
    “I don’t understand what your trying to say”
    “What’s happening? What did I do wrong?”
    And after a long argument one saying she gives up and the other just a “whatevs” and now I feel helpless. I never wanted to know the truth so I kept everything in and now I finally broke and all they can say is that they have no clue as to what’s going on?! It makes me angry and makes me want to Cry but I hate crying I know it makes you stronger but when you have you siblings voices at the top of your mind saying “all you do is cry all the time!!” I really wouldn’t want to cry. Anyways, no matter how I try to tell them they either still don’t get it or they just twist my words and blame it on me. I don’t want to lose my so called friends because their all i really have…..

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